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David M. Hamlin
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Isabella Grosso is a multi-discipline artist who has appeared in television, video, and film projects as a dancer, as an actress and also as a model. Isabella has performed with world-renowned artists such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, and many more. She has also performed in feature and indie films, as well as HBO’s The Sopranos and Entourage, and the CBS hit CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. 
Micah L. Thorp is a physician and writer who lives with his wife, three teenage boys and an overly self-assured dog. He loves taking care of patients, participating in clinical research, and writing fiction and non-fiction stories. A lifelong Oregonian, he grew up in the shadow of the timber industry, a waning 1960’s counterculture and Ken Kesey.

Dr. Thorp's literary works have appeared in Blind CornerCleaver Magazine and The Write Launch
While spending thirty years overseas in the US Foreign Service, and living in eleven countries and working in many more, Ambassador Lucke accumulated many stories that would never have happened “at home.” His work took him to Timbuktu (twice) to the scary run up to Gulf War I in North Africa,  the passing of King Hussein in Jordan, as well as interaction with a few US Presidents . He was thrust into the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, deployed into the war zone of Iraq, and finally served as US Ambassador to the last absolute monarchy in Africa. His take on a thirty-year career abroad: “It was never boring.”

Mathieu Cailler's short stories, poems, and essays have appeared in over seventy publications, most notably in The Saturday Evening Post and the Los Angeles Times. He is the recipient of a Shakespeare Award and Short Story America Prize. 

When not writing, Mathieu enjoys traveling, cooking, old motorcycles, and basketball. He lives in Los Angeles. 
Riko Radojcic was born in post-war Yugoslavia but enjoyed a happy and secure childhood there. When he was twelve his father took a job with the UN World Health Organization and Riko spent his teen years in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania. 

He then completed high school in Swiss private schools, a polar opposite of the Third World. 

After working in the UK for several years, Riko immigrated to the US. where he worked in the high tech industry for many years. He now writes full time. 

Africa Memoir tells the incredible lifetime story of Mark G. Wentling, a boy from Kansas who grew up to travel, work, and visit all 54 African countries.

Those who know Mark well say, "He was born in Kansas but he was made in Africa!"

A former newspaper and TV journalist, David H. Mould moved from the UK to the US in 1978. He had a 30-year academic career at Ohio University as a faculty member and administrator and retired with the rank of Professor Emeritus, Media Arts & Studies. For the last 25 years, he has worked as a consultant  and researcher in communication for international media. 

Tom Garlinghouse received an MA in science journalism from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2019 and has written for numerous scientific publications both in print and online. 

Prior to his journalism career, he worked as an archaeologist, having received his Ph.D. in archaeology from the University of California, Davis. 

A native Californian, Tom was born in Laguna Beach and grew up in the town of Capistrano Beach. He is a runner, avid surfer and hiker who enjoys the outdoors, exotic foods, classical music, and strong English teas.

Born in 1957 and raised during China's Cultural Revolution the author's upbringing captures the zeitgeist of the Mao era. By heeding the highest call of the times, Cheng Wang became an "Educated Youth," sent to a secluded village in Inner Mongolia for three years for "re-education". However, even when Cheng achieved success at the dawn of economic revival in China, he still had many unanswered questions, which drove him to a new quest for Western ideas.

Later, Cheng became  a Principal Member of the tech staff at AT&T. He is an avid tennis player, seasoned investor, and a voracious reader and serves as a Chinese-American cross-cultural messenger.