Remember For Me
by Diana Tarant Schmidt

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Diana Tarant Schmidt loves getting lost in a story, and it is that love that is the undercurrent to all that she does.

For fourteen years she has taught junior high school, and she shares her love of stories with her students. 

Through teaching, Diana has also gained an enthusiasm for service. With the help of her students, she executes several projects each year, donating money, objects and time to various organizations in the Chicago area where she lives and works.

When not teaching, she and her husband find time for small adventures. Diana’s favorites include running the marathon, mountain hiking and travel.

Outside the classroom, Diana writes curriculum and raises two incredible humans along with the best partner and true superhero imaginable.

Diana Tarant Schmidt
Diana Tarant Schmidt
Remember For Me by Diana Tarant Schmidt
Remember For Me
When Clara Eros awakens with no memory, her questions are fundamental: who is she; and why is she here? The answer she receives is predetermined and singular: she has been recruited to fight a battle against the reign of darkness. But is Clara just a pawn in a much larger game?
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