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Poet Keith Ainsworth
Born in 1965, educated at Tufts University with
a B.S. in English Literature, Biology and Environmental Studies with a law degree from the University of Miami, Keith Ainsworth is an environmental attorney residing on the New England shoreline with his family. An ardent environmentalist, Keith frequently represents and is a speaker on environmental conservation interests.
Keith Ainsworth
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The Loyal Opposition by Keith Ainsworth on Facebook
Environmental Prose and Poetry Ebook
Books by Keith Ainsworth
Ebook: The Loyal Opposition: Environmental Prose and Poetry by Keith Ainsworth
The Loyal Opposition
by Keith Ainsworth
A book of environmental prose and poetry focusing our attention on the day's most critical environmental issues, addressing them in contemporary verse as well as poignant prose.
Poetry Ebook
Ebook: The Courage of Intimacy by Keith Ainsworth
The Courage of Intimacy
by Keith Ainsworth
Life, death and the relationships we forge between: The Courage of Intimacy is a collection of modern poetry exploring the fundamental human need to connect with others.

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