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Author Alan Ramón Clinton
Alan Ramón Clinton is a poet, novelist, and scholar of modernist poetry and writing pedagogy who lectures at Santa Clara University in San Jose, CA. Clinton is the author of the monograph, Mechanical Occult: Automatism, Modernism, and the Specter of Politics (Peter Lang), a volume of poems, Horatio Alger's Keys (BlazeVOX) and Curtain Call: A Metaphorical Memoir (Open Books). His novel, Necropsy in E Minor, published by Open Books in July 2011, was shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize.
About Alan Ramón Clinton
Necropsy In E Minor

A professor on the lam drives around the rim of Florida,  adopts a cat named Sanity, becomes an amateur ornithologist, endures a shamanic experience, and eggs himself on with the hope that, no matter what happens, his “memoir” might one day be found by archaeologists and thereby provide a key to human life at the close of the twentieth century.
Books by Alan Ramón Clinton
by Necropsy In E Minor: A Novel by Alan Ramón Clinton
Curtain Call

Stalking academia, re-ordering double prints and rewriting the autobiography of Buster Keaton, Clinton's narrator offers his poignant and funny insights on modern-day culture in a series of slapstick misadventures.
Curtain Call: A Metaphorical Memoir by Alan Ramón Clinton