Sandra Cuza

Sandra Cuza was born in Kansas and raised in Los Angeles. After graduating with a BA from Mills College, she moved to London where she lived for nine years and worked as a reader for CBS films, a waitress, an actress in food commercials and a teacher in a state school for maladjusted youths. Her first book was based on the latter experience and was made into a feature film which she co-wrote, launching her career as a writer.

Two more novels were published on her return to California where she worked as a waitress, earned an MA and devised and taught a Creative Writing course at UCLA. After moving to São Paulo, Brazil twenty one years ago, she condensed the UCLA course and taught it annually under both the auspices of the American Society and São Paulo´s largest language school. She wrote articles, short stories and a cookbook of Brazilian recipes, was on the Board of a Brazilian children’s charity and was active in the community affairs section of the American Society.

She has lived in Orleans, France, for the past year.
Sandra Cuza
Sandra Cuza
Passion Fruit by Sandra Cuza
Passion Fruit
Passion Fruit explores the personal and social lives of ex-pat wives following their husbands along the path of international business.
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