The Bones of a Season
by Paul Breen

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Paul Breen is an acclaimed author of literary fiction, academic works, and news articles particularly in the areas of language, culture, sport and identity. He has published works in both the United Kingdom and the United States, including a series of video lectures on the use of social media in the 21st century. 

Born in Ireland, Paul now lives in London’s historic Greenwich area, renowned as being the home of time. Most of his own time is taken up with teaching various language and writing courses in The University of Westminster, located in the heart of London and famous for hosting one of the world’s most prestigious Media departments. Prior to this, he has worked in other British universities and overseas in Korea, Japan, and Australia where the adventures he had and the people he met along the way proved that life indeed can be crazier than fiction! 

Paul is also an active freelance contributor to many newspapers and magazines in Britain, Ireland and beyond. He has written poetry for the former Irish President Mary McAleese, has worked on film scripts, managed writing groups, and taken part in the writing and production of amateur theatre performances. He has also appeared on radio and television broadcasts, and given conference presentations across the world from South Korea to the United States.  

​Outside of work and writing he still manages to find time for theatre, travel, music, sports, and roaming the countryside, especially his beloved west of Ireland to where he sometimes retreats in search of literary inspiration. In another world, indeed another life, he is also a faithful servant to a wife called Sarah and a feline mistress of their house named Gobbolino (from a character in a 1940’s children’s book about a witch’s cat).

One day Paul hopes to write a children’s book on the lives of London’s cats! But until that day he will spend his time writing, roaming, and serving his mistress.
Paul Breen
Paul Breen
The Bones of a Season
Set against the backdrop of Charleton Athletic's football fortunes, and a crime network that lurks on the horizon, Fergus Sharkey begins to uncover the answers to a musician’s murder as well as the layers of his decaying romance.
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