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Linda's award-winning short stories and essays can be found in Skirt! Magazine, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Gwinnett Daily Post, The Walton Sun, Dana Literary Society, New Works Review, Byline, The Duck & Herring Company Pocket Field Guide, venuszine, zygote in my coffee, BigCityLit, oculartravel, espressofiction, Divine Caroline, NPR’s I Believe, Europe From a Backpack, The Signature Series, Golden Short Stories, O’Georgia! A Collection of Georgia’s Newest and Most Promising Writers, Big Water, Moronic Ox, Weird Year, DogPlotz, and various anthologies.

Simple Intent, a legal thriller based on a true story from 1970s Philadelphia, is sold internationally and continues to receive rave reviews, and her novel, Not Waving, Drowning, is a sweeping generational novel set in the south that revolves around three women - one of them is the mysterious, heroic Waving Girl of Savannah - this book explores how love can’t be judged, the past can’t be rewritten, and not everyone can be saved.

Her contemporary noir novel, 3 Women Walk into a Bar, is a detective story with an Internet twist that introduces Bill Tedesco, PI, a former exotic dancer and karaoke star. 
About Linda Sands
Author Linda Sands