Born in Denver, Colorado, Kelly Huddleston is the author of the novels The Perfect Pearl (originally published by Escape Media), Alone in the Company of Others and A Week with Fiona Wonder. She currently lives on an island in the Mediterranean with her husband and her dog, Fonzy.

What others have said about her books:

"Original and accomplished... Kelly Huddleston is such a good writer that she makes the complexities of this novel seem effortless and natural... Very good as well as ambitious by any standard."—Bestselling author Deborah Lawrenson

"She has written an intricate piece of work that lets you know there are still excellent storytellers left in the world with an innate gift of craftmanship."—Author Joyce Norman

"Rich and unusual, and definitely worth the read."—Grace Krispy, MotherLode Book Reviews
Kelly Huddleston
Kelly Huddleston
A Week with Fiona Wonder: A Novel by Kelly Huddleston
A Week with Fiona Wonder: A Novel
It is exactly one week until sixteen-year-old Mercy Swimmer is to play out a dream scenario: to spend an entire week with movie star Fiona Wonder, the prize awarded to the winner of a contest staged by a teen magazine. But when her mother’s asthma flairs up, Mercy’s world turns upside down and she is faced with a decision that will ultimately challenge her own capacity for compassion.
Books by Kelly Huddleston
Alone in the Company of Others: A Novel by Kelly Huddleston
Alone in the Company of Others: A Novel
With a cast of eccentrics that rivals “The Royal Tenenbaums”, Alone in the Company of Others is about people and their treasured possessions—a running tape recorder, a collection of diplomas, an attic full of disfigured mannequins, or shelves and shelves of books in an all but abandoned public library—and the distinctive role that each of us plays as part of a group dynamic.
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