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To echo the words of Romantic poet Lord Byron, "If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad."

This is the quote by which Amy McLean abides. Although she spent her childhood scribbling out short stories, it wasn't until she began studying English Literature at the University of Sunderland that she realised her dependence on writing. In 2014 she graduated with a first-class degree and a published dissertation about Lord Byron.

The niece of a spiritual messenger, Amy often focuses on the Spiritworld in her writing. Her debut novel Walk On explored the concept of the guardian angel, and she frequently calls upon parallel timelines between past and present, heaven and earth.

Spending her childhood between her Aberdeen birth town and the North East of England, Amy developed a taste for travel at a young age. Curiosity one day led her to Hampstead, and from then she never looked back. The area now plays a large role in her life as she strives to capture the magic of NW3 and its rich history and culture. 

When she's not writing or visiting Hampstead, Amy can be found indulging in the cinematic careers of Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton, uploading videos on YouTube, and dangling toy mice for Medora the cat.
Amy McLean
Celestial Land and Sea by Amy McLean
Celestial Land and Sea
A whimsical fantasy that reveals the gateway to our recurring challenges and our transcendent triumphs…
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