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Bobby Williams hails from the mean streets of Upstate New York. He started hailing exactly thirty-one years ago today. Bobby spent his formative years working as a balloon animal artist while attending Northeastern University. His infamous undergraduate thesis entitled “He-2” details the many hardships that Bobby faced in developing the helium techniques necessary for his most famous work, "The Balloon Elephant", which, with its dangling, spitting water-balloon trunk transcended the global outlook on what’s possible in the physical world.  

Young Williams used this notoriety to land a distinguished unpaid internship. After witnessing several other distinguished unpaid interns whither away and die of starvation, Williams moved to New York City and resumed ballooning to support his writing career—you’d probably recognize his work from The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and from The Montreal Review, The Ben Jonson Journal, Moronic Ox, The Bicycle Review, Tammy and elsewhere. 

Bobby Williams is also the co-inventor of Guns, Vest, Mace: a far more powerful alternative to Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Bobby Williams
TWO IS FOR YOU by Bobby Williams
Two is for You
Two is for You follows an extremely handsome and young software developer’s rise to prominence after inventing the world’s first automated answering service. There’s just one problem: Marco Salazar forgot to include numero dos for Español. 
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