Beneath the Same Heaven: A Novel
by Anne Marie Ruff

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“A powerful literary piece that excels in cultural understanding, Beneath the Same Heaven should not be missed by any reader who enjoys not just a love story, but a close inspection of evolving connections against political and social devastation. —Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"Beneath the Same Heaven is a thought provoking, and yet somehow tender and sensitive, read. It dares to go where many books would not. I recommend it."TripFiction

"Beneath the Same Heaven is a deeply compassionate and very plausible contemporary novel."Gale Zasada, retired paraprofessional librarian, The Brown Bookloft

"A thought-provoking love story. This novel masterfully blends the dangers of geopolitics superimposed on romantic and unconditional familial love... Ruff bravely circumnavigates the violence at the heart of the story to lay bare the intricate drama of before and after. Revenge versus justice. Clanship versus kinship. Passionate love versus filial obligation. All are explored with intimate humanity in this compelling, tender, and timely novel.”—Kim Fay, author of The Map of Lost Memories, Edgar Award Finalist for Best First Novel