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Open Books author James Hitt discusses his most recent novel, The Courage of Others and recaps his career as an author.
Jim says, "To be a good writer, you have to be a good reader."
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Open Books author Sid Gustafson reads his short story, "Seals"Listen now on SoundCloud.
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Open Books author Alan Ramon Clinton talks about his love life (and reads from his letters to women on the web site
Return to Mameluke Bath
A twenty-minute documentary by Eleanor Bowen-Jones about Andrew Asibong's novel Mameluke Bath. Like the book, the film explores in alternately comic, serious and horrific modes, the themes of stigma, trauma and zombification in contemporary and futuristic provincial England. 
An Open Books Event
Book Launch Celebration in Toronto, Canada for As a Thief in the Night by Chuck Crabbe.
Open Books author Miha Mazzini
Author of 28 books published in 9 languages
Winner of the Pushcart & Golden Palm for best film of 2012 and Best Director at Highgate Film Festival, London
discusses the writing of his novel, Paloma Negra
This video chronicles author Donald O'Donovan's colorful history as well as the characters that populate his fiction. 
O'Donovan talks about his lifelong writing career, his love of great literature, his devotion to Southern California and his current indulgence, chicken farming.
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Upcoming Titles for Fall 2016
Alan 2 by Bruce Forciea (Science Fiction)
From the author of The X-Cure comes Alan 2!

A brilliant artificial intelligence (AI) scientist, Dr. Alan Boyd, develops a new program that integrates part of his brain with a computer’s operating system. The program, Alan 2,  can anticipate a user’s needs and automatically perform many tasks. A large software company, International Microsystems (IM) desperately wants the program and tempts Dr. Boyd with huge sums of money, but when Dr. Boyd refuses their offer, IM sabotages his job, leaving him in a difficult financial situation. 

Dr. Boyd turns to Alan 2 for an answer to his financial problems, and Alan 2 develops plan Alpha, which is a cyber robin hood scheme to rob from rich corporations via a credit card scam. 

Alan and his girlfriend Kaitlin travel to Mexico where they live the good life funded by plan Alpha, but the FBI cybercrime division has discovered part of Alan 2’s cyber escapades, and two agents, Rachel and Stu, trace the crime through the TOR network and Bitcoin. 

Alan 2 discovers the FBI is on to them and advises Alan and Kaitlin to change locations. A dramatic chase ensues taking them to St. Thomas, a cruise ship bound for Spain, and finally to Morocco.  

Will they escape detection? They will if Alan 2's Plan Beta can be implemented in time. Or is 'Plan B' something altogether different than it appears to be, something wholly sinister that will affect the entire population of the world?

Norman Abrahamson grew up in the Boston area in the 1960s and 70s. He quickly learned that a straight line may be the shortest distance between two points, but also the most boring. After graduating from law school in 1982, he worked as an attorney in private practice for 20 years before switching careers. 

In 2008, Norman became a history teacher in a public high school. He enjoys the give-and-take environment of the classroom and working with students from all walks of life.

Over the years, writing has been a constant in Norm’s life. In 2010, he became involved in the National Writing Project, helping other teachers with their personal writing as well as using innovative methods to teach writing skills to students across all grades, subjects and skill levels. 

Norman married his college sweetheart in 1986, and they had two boys, both now grown. In addition to working as an attorney and teacher, he worked the counter for several years at the venerable Elsie’s Lunch of Harvard Square, and briefly, during law school, worked as the world’s smallest bouncer. He enjoys martial arts and still teaches Judo as well as acoustic guitar.

Open Books will publish Norman's debut novel, Hodge, in January 2017.
Open Books Welcomes Author 
Norman Abrahamson
Learn more about The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans by David A. Ross
The Discount Detectives by Ben Unglesbee

October is Memoir Month at Open Books! Preview seven titles
Open Books Welcomes Author Marisa T. Cohen

Open Books Summer 2016 Catalog
The Bones of a Season by Paul Breen (Psychological Thriller)

Fergus Sharkey has come from Ireland to London and settled in the historic surroundings of Greenwich, fabled home and birthplace of time. There the Irish immigrant falls in love with a northern English rose named Katy Prunty and soon begins to follow the fortunes of the local football team, Charlton Athletic. 

To affirm the love of his team, Fergus decides to get a tattoo of the club badge, but this causes friction between Fergus and Katy and sets in motion the gradual decaying of their romance during the course of the football season. When Katy leaves for the coast, Fergus becomes embroiled in a relationship with the tattoo artist Dyana, whose young friend, a grime musician, has recently been gunned down in the street in broad daylight. 

Set against the backdrop of Charlton Athletic's football fortunes, and a crime network that lurks on the horizon, Fergus begins to uncover the answers to the musician’s murder as well as the layers of his decaying romance.

Ishmael Crosses the River
WINTER IN CHICAGO by David M. Hamlin
Winter in Chicago by David M. Hamlin (Contemporary Mystery)
Drugs, death and rock and roll on Chicago's AM radio dial...

​Before dawn in January, 1975, Emily detours from her normal route to work in the newsroom of Chicago’s top pop rock station to investigate a crime scene. The police believe the body on the street is a suicide. Emily is stunned to discover that the dead woman is a dear friend since high school. Unable to fathom why Beni Steinart would take her own life, Emily begins an investigation that leads to a trunk-load of cocaine, Federal narcotics charges, abuse of power and a perplexing mystery – suicide or murder?

Emily’s reporting triggers an explosive battle between two men who tower over their city. Cary Chase is Chicago’s most prominent bachelor, a wealthy entrepreneur whose mansion is the epicenter of Chicago’s elite society. United States Attorney Tommy “Tommy Terrific” Jameson is ambitiously determined to rid his city of corruption on his way up to the Governor’s office and perhaps even higher.

Drawing on an eclectic roster of news sources and WEL colleagues and her own considerable talent and determination, Emily uncovers the full story of her friend’s death in a remarkable confrontation which produces front page headlines and restores one life as it ruins another.

First published at age 13, Kerry Arquette went on to write articles for dozens of national magazines and her work was featured in Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul. She is the author of two picture books including What Did You Do Today? (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich), which won the Colorado Book Award, and was later selected for inclusion in the compilation, Sweet Dreams: Five Minute Bedtime Stories. Her picture book, Daddy Promises was released by Concordia Publishing. 

Arquette was also Executive Editor of Memory Makers Books, an imprint of F+W Publishing specializing in scrapbooking and paper crafts. With business partner, Andrea Zocchi, she founded Cantata Books Inc., a publishing company responsible for dozens of popular art and crafting titles. Arquette is, herself, a prolific multi-media artist. 

Kerry also holds a Masters degree in criminology and has worked with crime victims as part of the Denver Colorado Police Department. She is married to Denver attorney, Mark Senn, and has three children, Erin, Brittan, and Ryan. She is the daughter of well-known author, Lois Duncan.

Open Books will publish Kerry's latest book, War Cries, in Fall 2016. 

Open Books Welcomes Author Kerry Arquette

When she is not teaching or researching, Marisa enjoys wine tasting with her husband, walks with her dog Bisbee, and laugh-filled brunches with her friends. 

Open Books will publish From First Kiss to Forever: A Scientific Approach to Love in Fall 2016.
Gregory Heath
Featured Title
War Cries by Kerry Arquette (Poetry / Social Conscience)

​Germany, post WWI, was a country in crises. Shortages of food, energy, and the deflation of German currency demoralized the population. Seeking scapegoats for their misery, many Germans pointed fingers at German Jews, blaming them for business practices believed to have led to their war defeat and current situation.

Wielding a wand of power, Hitler instigated a plan that would lead to the largest act of genocide in history. Propelled by his belief that German Aryans were superior and therefore destined to rule the world, he plotted to expand German lands so the offspring of these Aryans would have room to expand. Hitler also believed that Jews, Slavs, southern Europeans and all non-white people were sub-humans, fit only to serve his Aryan elite. Using newspapers, books, billboards, posters and impassioned speeches, he launched a campaign to rally the population to embrace his views and support his cause. 

Hitler also instigated laws mandating abortion and sterilization for the chronically ill, handicapped, alcoholics and drug addicts. By 1939, many “incurables” were being killed outright. Laws were also passed that allowed “dangerous criminals” such as beggars, alcoholics, and the homeless and unemployed to be imprisoned.

Even as Hitler pursued his military goals, the persecution of German Jews was mounting. Increasing numbers were being sent to concentration camps along with political prisoners, homosexuals and Gypsies. Encouraged by the German government, many Jews fled the country, leaving behind money and possessions. Others dragged their feet, organizing their affairs and making extensive plans for relocation. By the time they were prepared to depart, both transportation and the documentation necessary for immigration were difficult to obtain.

In 1941, Hitler ratcheted up his persecution of Europe’s Jewish population by ordering “The final solution of the Jewish question.” That “solution” was the mass murder of millions of Jews. Many of the Jewish men, women and children that died over the following years were shot by German murder squads made up of soldiers and enthusiastic civilians. Mobile gassing vans were used to murder dozens of Jews at a time. Then larger gas chambers, disguised as shower facilities, were installed in prison camps. Jews, already corralled in sealed ghettos and internment camps, were shipped to these killing centers for extermination.

The war lasted six long years. The toll on human lives was astronomical - more than 60 million people died.

Too often, when confronted with devastation of this magnitude, we tend to view the dead as a statistic - a solid block of entangled nonentities. This approach allows us to maintain a comfortable feeling of emotional detachment so we feel less horrified, frightened and threatened. But to truly understand WWII, we must step into the painting and view the events through the eyes of those who participated. The individual brush strokes that make up the macabre picture are dipped in the blood of men, women and children no different from us.

In the end, the sound of war isn’t heard in the rattle of machine gun fire or the bellowing of bombs. It is in the voices of those who lived and died and the stories they have to share.

Open your heart and listen …

Open Books will publish War Cries in Fall 2016

From First Kiss to Forever: A Scientific Approach to Love 
by Marisa T. Cohen, Ph.D. (Nonfiction)

From First Kiss to Forever: A Scientific Approach to Love is a fun and humorous, yet scientific, book about relationships. This book introduces the reader to relationship science. The chapters examine how people meet, select their mates, and fall in and out of love. 

Readers need not be scientists to understand the information presented. Each chapter relates present-day research to everyday experiences and real relationship issues confronted by couples. Each ends with take home tips/questions to help the reader apply the lessons in his/her own life.

Do you want to understand the science behind finding a mate, maintaining long-lasting relationships, or even what makes some relationships doomed to fail? Help your relationships grow and flourish, and have a few hearty laughs along the way.

Open Books will publish From First Kiss to Forever: A Scientific Approach to Love in Fall 2016.

Open Books Spring 2016 Catalog
Open Books Authors in their own words...
Surely the answer to that intriguing question would be different for each author. But for Open Books author Fergus MacRoich the answer is that he writes to save his life!
Dr. Marisa T. Cohen obtained a B.S. in Biology and Society with a minor in Education from Cornell University. She then went on to receive her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, with a concentration in Learning, Development, and Instruction from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. 

Dr. Cohen is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York. She teaches experimental, educational, developmental, and general psychology courses.

She is also the Director of the Self-Awareness and Bonding Lab (SABL). This lab centers on the subfields of relationship science and social psychology. Dr. Cohen’s main research interests are gender differences in dating and relationship behaviors, peoples’ perceptions of love and infidelity, and consensual non-monogamy. For more information, please visit the website at 

Dr. Cohen actively presents her research from the field at both local and regional conferences. In addition to her research, Dr. Cohen enjoys giving guest lectures on the application of this science to everyday life.  

Hodge by Norman Abrahamson (Fiction)

As a retired Professor of Literature, George Hodge knows that if life were art, his story would be over. He has outlived his wife, his children and finally his money. With little more than his wits, his thumb, and a resignation to serendipity, Hodge sets out on a journey of discovery. Along the way he acquires two travelling companions, a single mother and her precocious daughter who have reasons of their own for hitting the road. For three damaged individuals between the ages of ten and seventy-eight, the line between the American Dream and the American Nightmare is a delicate thread not easily seen until it breaks, and the difference between a tragic end and a new beginning is sometimes seen only in hindsight.

Open Books will publish Hodge in January 2017.

Sid Gustafson will read from his novel SWIFT DAM at 
This House of Books in Billings, Montana 
on Tuesday, 
Nov 22,  5:30 pm
Upcoming Author Events!
NBC Commentator 
Alysia Gray Painter 
will emcee the event and conduct an on-the-scene interview with 
Open Books author David M. Hamlin about his new book 
Winter in Chicago.

Book Launch to be Held at
Historic LA Farmer's Market!
WINTER IN CHICAGO by David M. Hamlin
November 14, 2016
Time: 7:00 - 9:00
Recent Events

Author Sid Gustafson read from his novel 
Swift Dam 
at Cassiopeia Books in Great Falls, Montana on September 17, 2016. Special thanks to Andrew for hosting this fine and rewarding literary event. 
Listen to the reading in
Pinney Mini Book Festival, Pinney Library; 11/12/2016, 1:00 - 3:30 pm

Author slam. Seven local authors will each present for fifteen minutes. Wrap up with selling and signing–.

2:30: OB author Bruce Forciea
The Rise and Demise of the Mutant Ego by John Faupel (Nonfiction)

We still seem to believe in the ‘the ascent of man’ and that we are superior to all other species, so surely we must be in charge of our destinies. But is it any more valid, believing a man is superior to a butterfly because he is cleverer, than believing a butterfly is superior to a man because it is more beautiful? It has been suggested that our unashamed vanity has been dealt three serious blows. The first was cosmological, dealt by Copernicus in 1543, who showed that we were not at the center of the universe; the second was biological, dealt by Darwin in 1859, who showed that we were just one small branch of the evolutionary tree of life; and the third was psychological, dealt by Freud in 1900, who showed that the unconscious mind had a far greater influence on us than we had ever thought possible. To these might be added yet a fourth blow to our vanity. It is a blow that is gradually being exposed by the inquiry into what makes us feel and think and act the way we do and how much our heredity and environmental experiences influence our behavior. Perhaps we’re not quite as in charge of our destinies as we thought we were. Most of us think we learn from our experiences but perhaps we can do so only retrospectively and that this process is less about learning than conditioning.

Open Books will publish The Rise and Demise of the Mutant Ego in January 2017.

The Rise and Demise 
of the Mutant Ego
John Faupel
Stories, Poems, Articles, Excerpts, Videos, Interviews, Fine Arts Expo
Open Books Author
Paul Breen
Launches Second Novel
at The White Swan in 
South London
A Madcap Trip Back to Beatles-era England
by Mitzi Humphrey

After I had almost finished reading I SHOT BRUCE, I was amazed by what Brett Busang had accomplished and two comparisons quickly came to mind: CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES, the book, and BARRY LYNDON, the film. At that point in my reading the somewhat OCD hero Asunder had not yet shot Bruce, so I rushed to finish the remaining pages. If you appreciate the humor and role of fate in a good bildungsroman or fictional parody of a crime novel (and especially if you are old enough to remember the Beatles craze), you will not be disappointed by the lack of gun play in the book. You may, however, find yourself among those readers who've wanted to finish off the hero even before he's motivated to seek the rough justice for which he will get to be famous. Look at that "ominous" paperback cover . . . the image is a vinyl 33 1/3 rpm record player . . . a clue to the delightful reading that lies within I SHOT BRUCE.  

"Monarchs with business suits instead of crowns spent four thousand American dollars per day on accommodation at the APEC Summit in Busan, South Korea, in December 2005. The luxury banquet for summit participants cost 1.5 million dollars. Meanwhile the city government closed the street stalls near the venue and walled off the poor quarters. Thirty-five thousand police kept protesters away."
Spend a Night in Jail
with Open Books Author
Arwen Bicknell!

Overnight Stay in 
Brentsville Jail
Oct 28, 2016 - Oct 29, 2016
8:00 pm - 8:00 am
Brentsville Courthouse Historic Centre
12229 Bristow Rd
Bristow, Va

October 28
Overnight Stay in 
Brentsville Jail
8 p.m. – 8a.m.; $125 per person, reservations required

From 1822 to 1893 the brick Brentsville jail housed numerous people awaiting trial, and fate. The prisoners were accused of various crimes from theft, to poisoning, and even murder. In 1872 a prominent Prince William resident was gunned down in his cell while awaiting his trail. 

Spend the night in the nearly 200-year-old building and learn about some of the people who were imprisoned here.

Brentsville Courthouse Historic Centre, 12229 Bristow Road, Bristow, VA, 20136. 
Open Books Welcomes Author John Faupel

John Faupel began his career as a mathematician in 1962. Then, after a spell of teaching, did research in the social sciences and from 1970 became head of Manpower Planning for the UK Printing and 
publishing Industry. 

In 1975, John headed a nationwide study for the Venezuelan government on Absenteeism and Labor Turnover, and in 1978, he returned to the UK and started his own business under the trade name ‘Antique Atlas’, dealing in cartographic material and publishing books on the subject. 

Upon retirement in 2005, John joined a local branch of the U3A and ran a Philosophy Group, which involved fortnightly meetings to  dis-

cuss some of the subjects outlined in his book, The Rise and Demise of the Mutant Ego. After 8 years, he handed over leadership of the group to work on his book. 

John has also always been interested in the history of art, but only since 2000 has he been able to take up painting more seriously. He is an active member and frequent speaker at the Truro Art Society.

Exploration and travel have also been an interest for John, particularly in South America, which included living alone for nearly a year in the Amazon Rainforest, photographing insects (his collection is now in the Biblioteca Nacional de Venezuela). John has also researched the locations of the settlements and villages of the sixteenth century Timucuan Indians, who at one time occupied the woodland forests of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina in the tens of thousands, before Spanish and English colonialism wiped them from the face of the Earth.

Open Books will publish The Rise and Demise of the Mutant Ego in early 2017.