Open Books publishes high quality fiction, nonfiction and poetry in paperback and all eBook formats

At Open Books our focus is on high quality literary and contemporary fiction, timely and entertaining nonfiction and avant-garde poetry. It is our aim to present the very best of a new generation of authors to readers who are looking for fresh voices.

Open Books is a fully integrated royalty publisher. All our publications are published in trade paperback and eBook editions. Paperback editions are available from the publisher and at many high quality booksellers around the world.  eBook editions are multi-format and available to read on all popular eReaders including Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo Reader, Apple iPad and others, as well as in PDF for your PC.

Where to find and purchase our books

All Open Books titles can be purchased from our online store, Open Books Direct. All transactions at Open Books Direct are secure. Delivery for paperback editions is within 7 -10 days. Delivery is immediate for eBooks. All relevant file formats are offered, so simply choose the format that corresponds to the device on which you will be reading. All downloads from Open Books Direct are DRM free so you can share your book with family and friends. And remember, authors earn higher royalties when you buy direct from the publisher.
Visit Open Books Direct.

Open Books titles are also available from most of your favorite online retailers including,, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Waterstones, WH Smith, Kobo, Diesel eBooks, Sony ebooks, Apple iBookstore, Apple iPad, Google eBooks, Angus & Robertson and Smashwords, as well as many others. You may also find Open Books titles at your local library. If you do not find the title of your choice listed there, please request that your library acquire the book you want. 

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