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Happy Ending by David Rat
American Blow Job: A Novel by Teri Louise Kelly
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Unsure of her fate, Manying must flee Mao Tse Tung's advancing army with her baby. With the help of her childhood sweetheart, she finds a place on the last train leaving the city and endures a horrifying journey to Hong Kong
The serenity of a town is shattered by the murder of a rhigh school track coach, and as the murder becomes difficult to solve, a witch hunt begins.  

Witch Ball asks us to be careful who we deify, and who we vilify.
Heartbeats... the memoirs of pioneer heart surgeon Constantine "Dino" Tatooles, M.D. Dino's stories, as told to Jame E. Tatooles, will quite literally "warm your heart" and chronicle the advances in cardiac surgery during the past 50 years.  
Passion Fruit explores the personal and social lives of ex-pat wives following their husbands along the path of international business: the challenges are momentous, and the consequences of bad decisions are life-changing. 

Good Morning Corfu: chronicles the experiences  of an expatriate living on this Mediterranean outpost of dizzying extremes. More than a journal of events and experiences, the essays consider life's profound issues and concerns with insight, optimism and humor.
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Entitled 'Ordinary Racialized Violence' Open Books author Andrew Asibong addresses the question: "Do you think that racism and racial profiling have increased in the last few years?" His response is direct and eloquent as well as a bit alarming... 
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Open Books author Christy Fearn discusses her debut novel, Framed, as well as her novel-in-progress, Notorious, in a video filmed by Andrew Kells at the Nottingham Writers Studio. Christy Fearn writes historical fiction and is an avid devotee of the poet Lord Byron. 
Open Books author Susie Duncan Sexton roasts actress Shirley Jones in a reading from More Secrets of an Old Typewriter: Misunderstood Gargoyles and Overrated Angels at the Ann Arbor Arts and Culture Series.
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FEATURED FICTION: "Degrees of Degeneration" by Bobby Williams

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Open Books author Alan Ramon Clinton talks about his love life (and reads from his letters to women on the web site
Return to Mameluke Bath
A twenty-minute documentary by Eleanor Bowen-Jones about Andrew Asibong's novel Mameluke Bath. Like the book, the film explores in alternately comic, serious and horrific modes, the themes of stigma, trauma and zombification in contemporary and futuristic provincial England. 
On Saturday, April 26, 2014, Bookbound in Ann Arbor, Michigan hosted local actor, blogger, and author Roy Sexton for an afternoon of laughs and music. He read from his new book of cheeky movie reviews, Reel Roy Reviews, and entertained with movie themes and show tunes accompanied by Rebecca Biber.
Open Books author Chuck Crabbe reads from The Road by Cormac McCarthy - The Day to Shape the Days Upon
In their own voice...
Open Books author Adele Elliott appears on CBS Morning Show to discuss her novel Witch Ball

The Faith by John Leahy
Keep ‘em coming!” is something Roy Sexton's fans have said frequently over the past dozen months since the release of his first book of film reviews, Reel Roy Reviews: Keepin' it Real

Roy started out penning saucy missives about the latest Hollywood blockbusters, but lately he has been writing more about theatrical productions, concerts, and other live musical performances, as well as conducting the occasional interview. 

In his latest book Roy reviews Sting's new musical "The Last Ship", offers musings on shows by Lady Gaga, Cher, Randy Newman, and Katy Perry; and has written one of the snarkiest pieces you will ever read about a "Transformers" film!

Fellow author Tom Joyce writes, “The guy’s obviously a hardcore film geek, who’s seen a ton of movies and has a good sense of what makes a quality film. But there’s an element of populism to his approach that I see lacking in a lot of film reviewers. He understands that sometimes you’re just not in the mood for a trans- cendent redefinition of the cinematic art form. Sometimes you just want a fun night at the movies.In other words, he doesn’t review like a serious student of cinema, so much as a regular person who just happens to really like movies. And, since that description fits me and — I’d venture to say — the vast majority of movie viewers that makes his reviews enormously engaging.”
Release date: 1/15/15
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​In 1950, Yugoslavia was on the brink of war with the Soviet Union. And it was not on the best terms with the United States either. The government faced two problems: first, the possibility of the Third World War starting there and then; and second, if you're quarreling with both America and Russia, what do you show at the cinemas? 

When the traveling cinema comes to a Yugoslavian village in 1950, the young men and women are introduced to Mexican melodramas depicting the Mexican revolution, and they become entranced by not only the heroes of these films, but also by the music. In the midst of their own political nightmare, they escape reality through the exploits of the cinematic revolutionaries, and in the morning the younger men of the village seem to know the songs by heart and form their own Mariachi band. 

Love, cinema, music, military bravado, intrigue and the promise of revolution play out in a tiny mountain village, but the pseudo-Mexican farce is about to end, because the Supreme Commander General is on his way to see for himself just what is going on…
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Passion Fruit
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Fall Titles
Heartbeats by James E. Tatooles
The Faith by John Leahy
Passion Fruit by Sandra Cuza
Bent by Teri Louise Kelly
Paloma Negra by Miha Mazzini
Twin Oaks by Melissa Palmer
The Faith
Paloma Negra
Matters of the heart...

Heartbeats is the light-hearted memoirs of one of the pioneers in modern cardiac surgery, Constantine "Dino" Tatooles, M.D. Dino's stories, as told to his brother Jame E. Tatooles, will quite literally "warm your heart" as well as provide a background to the advances in cardiac surgery made over the past fifty years. 

After Medical School, Dr. Tatooles interned at the University of Chicago and received a grant from the Heart Association to open his own medical laboratory. Later, the National Heart Institute selected Dr. Tatooles as one of five doctors to study at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

"That's where we started to perfect a lot of the new operative procedures that are used today," recounts Dr. Tatooles.

Ironically, Dr. Tatooles recently had some difficult medicine of his own to swallow when he discovered that he needed a quintuple bypass. As his brother James E. Tatooles relates in Heartbeats, a procedure that Dino helped to develop eventually saved his life.
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Open Books author Miha Mazzini
Author of 28 books published in 9 languages
Winner of the Pushcart & Golden Palm for best film of 2012 and Best Director at Highgate Film Festival, London
discusses the writing of his novel, Paloma Negra
On December 9, 2014, Open Books author Melissa Palmer welcomed fans at Atlantic Cape Community College for an old time radio re-enactment of a chapter in her newly-released novel, Twin Oaks.
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Open Books Welcomes
Author Amy McLean
Simply entitled "Donald", this heartfelt biopic video about the life and writing career of Open Books author Donald O'Donovan chronicles the author's colorful history as well as the characters that populate his fiction. O'Donovan talks about his travels and his lifelong writing career, his love of great literature, his devotion to Southern California and, last but not least, his current indulgence, chicken farming.
Twin Oaks by Melissa Palmer
Recent Ramblings...
Greek Odyssey Package
A Winter Garden
Good Morning Corfu
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​Sunday, December 14, 2014, 12:00 pm Open Books authors Susie Duncan Sexton and Roy Sexton joined radio host Kevin Storm. 
listen at:
Darker aspects of personality hide behind the superficial light of façade

Twin Oaks is a small, self-contained community where it seems that skies are always blue, the grass is always green and manicured to perfection, flowers bloom prolifically, the houses exude charm and grace and the people are decent and always cordial. Yet appearances can be deceiving, for beneath exteriors lay the darker elements of personality: madness, envy, infidelity and spiritual vacuity.

Melissa Palmer’s deft prose casts a shadow over suburban society and exposes the darker aspects of personality that hide behind the superficial light of façade.
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To echo the words of Romantic poet Lord Byron, "If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad."

This is a quote by which author Amy McLean abides. Although she spent her childhood scribbling short stories, it wasn't until she began studying English Literature at the University of Sunderland that she realized her dependence on writing. In 2014, she graduated with a degree and a published dissertation about Lord Byron.

Spending her childhood between Aberdeen, Scotland and the North East of England, Amy developed a taste for travel at a young age. Her curiosity one day led her to Hampstead, and from there she never looked back. The area now plays a large role in her life and her writing as she strives to capture the magic of Northwest London and its rich history and culture. 

When she is not writing or visiting Hampstead, Amy indulges in the cinematic careers of Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton, uploading videos onto YouTube, and dangling toy mice for Medora the cat.

Amy's second novel, Celestial Land and Sea, will be published by Open Books in February, 2015.

Open Books author Sandra Cuza talks with Joe Barlow about her novel Passion Fruit based on her 21-year experience as an ex-pat living in Brazil and about the differences in culture between Brazil and the USA.
John Leahy, author of The Faith, performs "The Girl Who Wore Her Heart Upon Her Sleeve" from his music CD For Love or Money.
for the 

by Christy Fearn
Tuesday, January 13, 2014,  Time TBA
Open Books author Sandra Cuza will address the Ladies of the Lake Book Club in Champaign-Urbana, IL. and read from her latest novel, Passion Fruit.

Learn more about Sandra
Melissa Palmer’s deft prose casts a shadow over suburban society and exposes the darker aspects of personality that hide behind the superficial light of façade.
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Open Books authors David Rat, Melissa Palmer, Tim Cole, Chuck Crabbe & Roy Sexton
read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
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