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The Chinese Republic is collapsing under Mao Tse Tung’s onslaught. Love, war, sacrifice, corruption and revenge all play a part in this epic story.
When two legal interns uncover the case of a drug dealer wrongly convicted, their simple intent is to bring the guilty to justice. 
Something lurks beneath the layers of everyday life that fills Madame Lune with fear - a serial killer, and he has identified his next victim.
Entitled 'Ordinary Racialized Violence' Open Books author Andrew Asibong addresses the question: "Do you think that racism and racial profiling have increased in the last few years?" His response is direct and eloquent as well as a bit alarming... 
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Open Books author Christy Fearn discusses her debut novel, Framed, as well as her novel-in-progress, Notorious, in a video filmed by Andrew Kells at the Nottingham Writers Studio. Christy Fearn writes historical fiction and is an avid devotee of the poet Lord Byron. 
Open Books author Susie Duncan Sexton roasts actress Shirley Jones in a reading from More Secrets of an Old Typewriter: Misunderstood Gargoyles and Overrated Angels at the Ann Arbor Arts and Culture Series.
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Open Books author Alan Ramon Clinton talks about his love life (and reads from his letters to women on the web site
Return to Mameluke Bath
A twenty-minute documentary by Eleanor Bowen-Jones about Andrew Asibong's novel Mameluke Bath. Like the book, the film explores in alternately comic, serious and horrific modes, the themes of stigma, trauma and zombification in contemporary and futuristic provincial England. 
An Open Books Event
Book Launch Celebration in Toronto, Canada for As a Thief in the Night by Chuck Crabbe.
In their own voice...
Open Books author Miha Mazzini
Author of 28 books published in 9 languages
Winner of the Pushcart & Golden Palm for best film of 2012 and Best Director at Highgate Film Festival, London
discusses the writing of his novel, Paloma Negra
Simply entitled "Donald", this heartfelt biopic video chronicles author Donald O'Donovan's colorful history as well as the characters that populate his fiction. O'Donovan talks about his travels and his lifelong writing career, his love of great literature, his devotion to Southern California and, last but not least, his current indulgence, chicken farming.
The light-hearted memoirs of one of the pioneers in modern cardiac surgery will quite literally "warm your heart".
Open Books...Condensed
To foil a killer Madame Lune must walk in his shoes, enter his evil mind, and eventually learn to kill...

Who is the mysterious Madame Lune and why has watching Rue Lepic become a terrifying obsession for her? To the ordinary observer, Rue Lepic is a colorful street that meanders and climbs the northern part of Paris, from the Moulin Rouge in Pigalle’s red light district to Montmartre. There is, however, something else lurking beneath the layers of everyday life that lures the scrutiny of Madame Lune and fills her with fear. In their midst is a killer—a serial killer, and he has identified his next victim.

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MADAME LUNE by Kathleen Curtin
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Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang
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Bobby Williams
Raw, confronting and playful, The Butterfly Prison  redefines criminals, heroes, and poverty.

The Butterfly Prison tells the hushed-up, little stories that unfold within a world characterized by diminishment and shame, the stories of the disenfranchised, the stories of Paz and Mella.

As each fights for dignity in the shadows of poverty, harassment and exploitation, their decisions tell a compelling story of choice, consequence, systematic injustice, and the inner magic of the human constitution.

FRESH CUT by E. J. Bouinatchova
Fresh Cut by E. J. Bouinatchova

The cycle of life as seen through the eyes of “Eve A. Floriste” is divided into hemispheres; half of her curious circle relishes the beauty of the natural world, while the other half of her existence is haunted by memories of abuse, and she expresses her contradiction through passion, promiscuity, and even self-harm.

Author E. J. Bouinatchova looks at Eve’s life without delicacy or apology as she guides us through her world of beauty and decay, sensuality, violence, desire, and anguish. Readers will shudder one moment, laugh the next, and ultimately will find a seed of inspiration in Eve’s story.

Recent and Upcoming Author Appearances, Events & Honors
Open Books author Sandra Cuza talks with Joe Barlow of CBS Morning about her novel 
Passion Fruit based on her 21-year experience as an ex-pat living in Brazil.
The X-Cure by Bruce Forciea

Dr. Alex Winter, a brilliant biomedical engineer, teams with Dr. Xiu Ling, a beautiful Chinese scientist, to discover a revolutionary cure for cancer. But Tando Pharmaceuticals, the world’s largest and richest drug producer, also has an interest in the cure, and when they discover that the treatment is flawed as recipients begin to die after four months, causing a media frenzy and a drop in Tando's stock, they call upon their 'Mercenary Soldiers of Medicine' to maintain global domination.  

Good Morning Corfu chronicles the experiences  
of an American expatriate living on this Mediterranean outpost of dizzying extremes.  
The Butterfly Prison tells the hushed-up stories of the disenfranchised who live each day in shame, the stories of Paz and Mella.
Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall. Only an act of shameful impiety offers Ezra Mignon escape and eventual salvation.
Anyone who's ever lived in a small town knows that secrets are sometimes not so secret. Sexton’s ‘secrets’ hit the mark with a unique perspective.
A Florist's Life is Weirder Than You Think: 
Excerpts From the Wild-But-True Tale 
Fresh Cut  by E.J. Bouinatchova
eBook Only
 Just $2.99
If you can only afford a small bouquet...
EJ Bouinatchova

Will host a reading by
Open Books author 
E.J. Bouinatchova
December 1, 2015 at 12:15 pm
Meeting Room A

Open Books author Teri Louise Kelly is simply "Outspoken"
Open Books Welcomes
Author James Hitt
Jim Hitt is a graduate of North Texas State University and holds a BA in English and history and a MA in history. In addition to his many articles related to the west and film, he is the author of The American West, Fiction to Film (McFarland, 
1991), which has been called the definitive monograph on the subject, and Words and Shadows (Citadel, 1993), an examination of mainstream American literature and its connection to film. 

He is also represented in ​ The Louis L'Amour Companion (Andrews and McMeel, 1992). 

In 2001, Adventure Books published his novel The Last Warrior. In 2009 his short story “The Boy with Too Much Hair” won the grand prize for best fantasy story from Once In 2010, Aberdeen Bay released Carny: A Novel 
in Stories, which won the Grand Prize for Fiction at the 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. He has also been a guest speaker at the Gene Autry Museum.

Open Books will publish Jim's newest novel, The Courage of Others, as part 
of its spring 2016 catalog.
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The Courage of Others by James Hitt

Sixteen-year-old Davy Stoneman accompanies his Aunt Esther to the train station to greet his Uncle Marsh, returning home to Twin Forks, Texas from World War I in 1919. When Davy’s uncle steps off the train, Davy realizes that the army has sent him home to die.

Aunt Easter seeks the help of Sister Rose, a black woman known for her herbs and cures. As Sister Rose slowly restores Uncle Marsh’s health, a friendship develops between Sister Rose’s teenage son Daniel and Davy. Through his new friend, Davy meets Rachel, a black girl his own age, and he finds himself attracted to her.

The three young people are soon working together to repair an old house that will be used to teach black children to read and write. As a result, Davy and his uncle and aunt find themselves caught up in events that lead to death and tragedy. 

In the face of tragedy, Davy learns that the true nature of each person is deeper than one’s skin, that depravity can reshape a soul into something ugly and mean and destructive, and that the courage to confront such depravity, no what matter the cost, is often learned through the ‘courage of others’. 

 Open Books Presents Author James Hitt
"In Search of Literary America"

In January 2016, Open Books will release 
Indie Book Awards winner James Hitt's new novel,
The Courage of Others

And beginning in April 2016, Jim will
begin a coast to coast journey
"In Search of Literary America"

Open Books will document Jim's travels as he searches out the people and places that have impacted American literature. Meet-ups with modern-day authors, visits to iconic homes and settings, tours of popular indie book stores and beautiful libraries, and much more - all with a running commentary by James Hitt,
author of the upcoming novel, The Courage of Others.

And you can travel along with Jim and follow his literary journey as it happens in BOOKGLOW magazine.  

Open Books Author Roy Sexton Onstage! 

James Hitt
Watch this space for more details or follow us on our social media channels.
Open Books Welcomes
Author Beaird Glover
After growing up on a farm in rural Tennessee, Beaird Glover attended
Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing in 1991.

He then moved to Southern California, where he wrote Secret Ciphers of the 1876 Presidential Election  (Aegean Park Press).

Moving on to Austin, Texas, Beaird wrote poetry, including two poems published in the New York Quarterly (issues 53 and 58). His chapbook of poetry was selected by the Austin Chronicle as one of the Top 10 Best of 1994.

Beaird then moved to Taipei, Taiwan, where he taught English and contributed to an English as Second Language textbook. 

Beaird now lives in the Irish Channel section of New Orleans with his wife Kim.

Open Books will publish Beaird’s novel, Unconscious Knowledge, as part of its spring catalog.

Upcoming in Spring 2016
Unconscious Knowledge by Beaird Glover

Growing up in poverty and within a troubled family, and ridiculed and bullied at school for her race and her small stature, Marcy Harris sees no other option but to leave home and take a menial job in a hospital cafeteria, and the boredom is killing her. 

Or maybe she is considering her own demise, by her own hand… 

Then, on Christmas Day, she meets Syd McComb, a jet-cool punk rocker recently returned from a ten-year stay in Mexico whose look is tough but whose sentiment is winning.

Apart, Syd and Marcy feel invisible; and each is well-practiced at retreating from the world. But together their synergy is more explosive than dynamite, and once the fuse is lit, they let out their frustrations and grief and rage with style, and with violence. 

Those unfortunate enough to get in the way of their grandiose plans have unwittingly chosen to die: and to Syd and to Marcy, that’s just Unconscious Knowledge.

Open Books Author Kathleen Curtin signs copies of Madame Lune prior to launch event at Cork City Library in Cork City, Ireland.
Open Books Welcomes
Author Robert T. Hunting
Robert T. Hunting, an avid reader of history and politics, enjoys developing stories that illuminate people against the their time. He finds challenge in writing stories that pique a reader's interest and curiosity from the first page. He holds a B.A. in history, and a Masters' degree in
social science.*

Robert lives with his wife and their terrier in Alberta, Canada.

Open Books will publish his novel, The Value of Men, as part of its spring catalog.
Join film and theater critic Roy Sexton and The Penny Seats Theater Company for an evening of the music, humor, and sentiment of the one and only Jacques Brel. 

Originally performed on Broadway in 1968, the show has enjoyed continuing success, and was revived Off-Broadway in 2006, to considerable acclaim. Curtain at 7:30pm in Conor O'Neill's Celtic Room.

More info here
US Bestsellers
UK Bestsellers
Framed dramatises the issues of a turbulent time and champions the resistance of poverty-stricken workers. 
International Bestsellers
As  Winter Storm Wanda circles around Marco, details from his past strike at the heart of perception and identity.
Christie’s determination to rescue Damon from a zombie-factory and come to terms with her  childhood hurtle all  toward a macabre fate in the spa town of Mameluke Bath. .
Every Happy Ending implies a not-so-happy beginning. David Rat's story—from a career as the drummer of a popular rock band to a devastating addiction to heroin—follows a path from soaring highs to the desperate depths of addiction. 
The Value of Men by Robert T. Hunting

When the bank forecloses on their family home during the Great Depression, young Justyn Morrow’s father is unable to bear the weight of financial collapse and suffers a fatal heart attack. Justyn’s grieving mother tries to maintain some semblance of stability for herself and her son, but she soon follows her husband to the grave.

With nowhere to go and no way to support himself, Justyn joins the ever-growing community of hobos riding the rails from coast to coast in search of a better tomorrow. This society of outcasts is populated by all manner of characters, some dangerous, and some simply quirky, and Justyn is often overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers, as well as victimized by meanness and cruelty. 

Whether sharing a meal cooked over an open fire with a disgraced academic, or staring down the barrel of a Browning held by an attractive woman escaping her abusive husband, or being trapped in a copper mine a mile below the earth’s surface, Justyn’s personal beliefs are tested over and over again. Beyond simple survival during hard times, what is he really seeking, and where might he find it? Surely, the answers lay not around the next bend in the road, but within the terrain of his own character.

Open Books Welcomes
Author Brett Busang
Brett Busang describes himself as a prolific essayist, a moderately interesting playwright, a lapsed painter, an ambiva- lent anglophile and a failed ballplayer. 

He likes people who listen, places from which soccer is notably absent, books without chase-scenes, peace of mind that doesn't come at the expense of thinking, and food he can eat with his fingers.

Having now turned his attention to writing fiction, Brett says, "I like writing fiction because I never know what's going to happen; and because it is always auto- biographical and never autobiographical enough. I like to write in various genres because I am easily bored, relentlessly curious, and also because my tendency to 'dart around' is an asset in no other place."

Brett Busang was born in Memphis, Tennessee and now lives in Washington, DC.

Open Books will publish Brett's first novel, I Shot Bruce, as part of its spring 2016 catalog.
I Shot Bruce by Brett Busang

Set in London, beginning in the early sixties and spanning five decades, I Shot Bruce follows Vijay Asunder, a rock-and-roll wannabe who, many decades after he is spurned by the manager of a singing group that eventually becomes world-famous, finally decides that he must kill the one person that symbolizes the success that has eluded him, his replacement. During a fifty-year span of time, Asunder follows the fortunes of the band and its various members as he pursues the alternate and ever-so-quiet,  but not-very-satisfying life he's made for himself as an antique dealer. Yet with each passing year, and with each reminder of "what might have been", his obsession for revenge grows, until finally he must act. 

Conceived loosely on the untimely dismissal and subsequent life of Pete Best, the so-called 'fifth Beatle', Asunder's perspective and his ultimate commitment to retribution differs markedly from Ringo Starr's predecessor. Intelligent and intense, I Shot Bruce chronicles and dramatizes obsession to the point of self-destruction.     
MADAME LUNE by Kathleen Curtin
Open Books Welcomes
Author William McCulloch
After dropping out of college (twice), Bill went into journalism and had a 25-year newspaper career as the editor of a small New England daily. Before, during, and after that career, he moonlighted as Windy City Slim, a performer of traditional American music.

Among other literary projects, he collaborated with folklorist Barry Lee Pearson on a critically praised book, Robert Johnson: Lost and Found (University of Illinois Press, 2003).

Open Books will publish McCulloch's debut novel, A Dandy Little Game, as part of it's spring 2016 catalog.

A Dandy Little Game by William McCulloch

Johnny Sharansky, a forty-three-year-old gambler who has avoided gainful employment for twenty-three years, takes big risks, crazy risks sometimes, but none bigger or crazier than his pursuit of a young, high-class shiksa, Margaret, who is fascinated by organized crime figures, and his infatuation lands him in deep trouble with the law, the blue-blood’s fiancé, and the Chicago outfit.

Johnny is savvy and slick, but he still has a big lesson to learn, and his North Shore obsession is ready to teach the well-heeled gambler A Dandy Little Game.  

Set in Chicago in 1942, McCulloch's novel evokes a period of post-Capone operators, petty racketeers and high society ingenues waiting out World War II.

A Dandy Little Game
William McCulloch

Stave I
Read by David Rat
Stave II
Read by Melissa Palmer
Stave III
Read by Tim Cole
Stave IV
Read by Chuck Crabbe
Stave V
Read by Roy Sexton
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