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WITCH BALL by Adele Elliott

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Upcoming events & appearances by OB authors

Saturday 26 April - 3:00 pm
Roy Sexton, author of Reel Roy Reviews will appear at Bookbound in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a reading, signing & Q&A.

Adele Elliott author of Witch Ball will appear on CBS affiliate WCBI-TV on Monday, April 28, 2014. The show airs 9:00-9:30 a.m. Central Daylight Time.

Thursday 1 May - 5:00-8:00 pm
Adele Elliott hosts a book launch reception and pop-up art sale to celebrate the release of her new novel, Witch Ball. 417 Main Street, Columbus, MS.

Upcoming Title
Heroine Mercy Swimmer is at the center of today's most pressing social issues: the working poor; low-wage jobs; healthcare. Could empathy and understanding be the answer?
​Reel Roy Reviews is a compilation of essays composed in tribute to (and sometimes frustration with) the art-form known as "cinema".
Fast and furious action in this portrayal of the revolt of the Luddites revealing famed poet Lord Byron as a central figure in this historical Brittish drama.
The real story in human terms of China's cultural revolution.
Follow heroine Manying as she escapes Mao's approaching army and flees with her baby to Hong Kong.
Only an act of shameful impiety offers Ezra Mignon salvation. But can he betray, and even murder, the God that his community worships? And can he live with the divine blood on his hands?
In O'Donovan's 'love letter to LA', he chronicles the long journey from penny-a-word hack writer for a pulp fiction mill to underground literary beacon.
In Their Own Words...
Open Books author Andrew Asibong addresses the question: "Do you think that racism and racial profiling have increased in the last few years?" His response is direct and eloquent as well as a bit alarming... 
One To A Million by Tim Cole
Charlie Spinner has just been dumped by his trophy girlfriend, so to soothe the pain of rejection he embarks upon a night out with his two best friends, Ed (aka Ball Bag) and Fat Dave. Lamenting the dullness of their lives – grab bag relationships (or lack thereof), go-nowhere jobs, and of course ever-present money woes, Fat Dave wonders whimsically if it might be possible to turn a single one-pound coin into a million pounds. Playing along with his friend’s fantasy, Charlie deposits the change from a round of beers - one pound - into a slot machine and wins a one thousand-pound jackpot. But can Charlie rise to Fat Dave’s challenge to turn a one pound coin into one million pounds? Or is there an even greater prize waiting for him on the Las Vegas Strip? You make the odds…
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Witch Ball by Adele Elliott Now Available! 
Truly Moore loves to spend time with her Great Aunt Fleur, a larger than life, quirky old lady who  makes a living selling magic charms. The townspeople know Fleur is “different”, a sin in this “Buckle of the Bible Belt”, and many suspect that Aunt Fleur is a witch. The serenity of the town is shattered by the murder of a respected high school track coach, and as the murder becomes more and more difficult to solve, a witch hunt begins. But not all demons have pointy horns and tails, and not all angels have wings. Witch Ball asks us to be careful who we deify, and who we vilify.

A real treat from a long time Open Books favorite author! 
Simply entitled "Donald", this heartfelt biopic video about the writing career of Open Books author Donald O'Donovan chronicles the author's colorful life as well as the real life characters that populate his fiction. O'Donovan talks about his travels and his lifelong writing career, his love of great literature, his devotion to Southern California and, last but not least, his current indulgence, chicken farming. 

Featured Book 
April 2014

The Loyal Opposition by environmental attorney Keith Ainsworth focuses our attention on the day's most critical environmental issues,
addressing them in contemporary verse
as well as poignant prose.
Open Books author Christy Fearn discusses her debut novel, Framed, as well as her novel-in-progress, Notorious, in a video filmed by Andrew Kells at the Nottingham Writers Studio. Christy Fearn writes historical fiction and is an avid devotee of the poet Lord Byron. 
Open Books author Susie Duncan Sexton roasts actress Shirley Jones in a reading from More Secrets of an Old Typewriter: Misunderstood Gargoyles and Overrated Angels at the Ann Arbor Arts and Culture Series.
Free For Your Enjoyment...

Recent Open Books Author Events
Open Books author Alan Ramon Clinton talks about his love life (and reads from his letters to women on the web site
Witch Ball by Adele Elliott
A 20-minute documentary by Eleanor Bowen-Jones about Andrew Asibong's debut novel MAMELUKE BATH. Like the book, the film explores in alternately comic, serious and horrific modes, the themes of stigma, trauma and zombification in contemporary and futuristic provincial England. 
Mameluke Bath is the bizarre story of Christie Smithkin, a 39-year-old misfit, misanthrope and virgin, who lives in the nightmarish English city of St Pauly. Friendless, paranoid, and lacking the funds she needs for the completion of her PhD thesis, mixed-race Christie’s only hope lies in a new ‘asylum-seeker mentoring’ scheme for which she has recently volunteered as a mentor. Offering guidance to recently-arrived African refugees fleeing torture will, she prays, provide her with a sense of social purpose and perhaps even emotional connection. Christie’s plan goes awry when she discovers that Mukelenge, her Congolese mentee, has already been assigned a mentor: Damon, a cheerful, vapid, white male nurse. Worse still, Mukelenge is settling into urban East Midlands society with unnerving confidence and poise. Piqued by the immigrant’s miraculous feats of integration, Christie becomes uncontrollably jealous when she realises that Mukelenge is also casting a spell of seduction over the handsome, doll-like Damon. Christie’s determination to solve the mystery of Mukelenge’s identity, to rescue Damon from the real or imagined horrors of a zombie-factory deep in the woods, and to come to terms with her own terrifying childhood, will hurtle all three protagonists towards a macabre conclusion in the nearby spa town of Mameluke Bath. 
WITCH BALL by Adele Elliott
Join Open Books author Adele Elliott for the launch of her new book, WITCH BALL.
May 1, 2014
4417 Main Street, Columbus, MS
5:00 - 8:00 pm.
Just Published
Roy Sexton at Common Language Book Shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Open Books author Roy Sexton with Rachel Murphy at Common Language Book Store in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Members of the Penny Seats Theater Company read excerpts from Roy's latest book, Reel Roy Reviews, Vol. 1: Keepin' it Real.

Chuck Crabbe at Book Launch Party at Revival Bar in Toronto, Ontario.
Open Books author Chuck Crabbe celebrated the release of his novel, As A Thief in the Night, at a Book Launch Gala featuring a wine tasting sponsored by Pelee Island Winery, an art auction to benefit Boys Clubs of Canada and the music of No Quarter, a Led Zeppelin tribute band.
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Adele Elliott speaks to Starkville Friends of the Library.

Open Books author Adele Elliott spoke to the Starkville Friends of the Library at the library located at 326 University Drive, Starkville, Mississippi.

The audience, which consisted of 24 bibliophiles, was very enthusiastic as Adele talked about her new novel, Witch Ball, and about the evolution of her career as a writer.