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Happy Ending by David Rat
American Blow Job: A Novel by Teri Louise Kelly
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In his latest book Roy reviews Sting's new musical "The Last Ship", offers musings on shows by Lady Gaga, Cher, Randy Newman, and Katy Perry; and has written one of the snarkiest pieces you will ever read about a "Transformers" film!
Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall. Only an act of shameful impiety offers Ezra Mignon escape and eventual salvation.
Heartbeats... the memoirs of pioneer heart surgeon Constantine "Dino" Tatooles, M.D. Dino's stories, as told to Jame E. Tatooles, will quite literally "warm your heart" and chronicle the advances in cardiac surgery during the past 50 years.  
Passion Fruit explores the personal and social lives of ex-pat wives following their husbands along the path of international business: the challenges are momentous, and the consequences of bad decisions are life-changing. 

Distressed and frightened, Manying flees Nanjing with her baby to escape the advancing Maoist army. 
Love, war, sacrifice, corruption and revenge play their parts in this epic story that reaches its climax in twenty-first century Shanghai.  
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Entitled 'Ordinary Racialized Violence' Open Books author Andrew Asibong addresses the question: "Do you think that racism and racial profiling have increased in the last few years?" His response is direct and eloquent as well as a bit alarming... 
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Open Books author Christy Fearn discusses her debut novel, Framed, as well as her novel-in-progress, Notorious, in a video filmed by Andrew Kells at the Nottingham Writers Studio. Christy Fearn writes historical fiction and is an avid devotee of the poet Lord Byron. 
Open Books author Susie Duncan Sexton roasts actress Shirley Jones in a reading from More Secrets of an Old Typewriter: Misunderstood Gargoyles and Overrated Angels at the Ann Arbor Arts and Culture Series.
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FEATURED FICTION: "Degrees of Degeneration" by Bobby Williams

Open Books author Alan Ramon Clinton talks about his love life (and reads from his letters to women on the web site
Return to Mameluke Bath
A twenty-minute documentary by Eleanor Bowen-Jones about Andrew Asibong's novel Mameluke Bath. Like the book, the film explores in alternately comic, serious and horrific modes, the themes of stigma, trauma and zombification in contemporary and futuristic provincial England. 
Open Books author Melissa Palmer reviews a Play Doh extruder in the first of many SUPER NOT AWKWARD REVIEWS with Melissa Palmer. 
Open Books author Chuck Crabbe reads from The Road by Cormac McCarthy - The Day to Shape the Days Upon
In their own voice...
The Faith by John Leahy
Keep ‘em coming!” is something Roy Sexton's fans have said frequently over the past dozen months since the release of his first book of film reviews, Reel Roy Reviews: Keepin' it Real

Roy started out penning saucy missives about the latest Hollywood blockbusters, but lately he has been writing more about theatrical productions, concerts, and other live musical performances, as well as conducting the occasional interview. 

In his latest book Roy reviews Sting's new musical "The Last Ship", offers musings on shows by Lady Gaga, Cher, Randy Newman, and Katy Perry; and has written one of the snarkiest pieces you will ever read about a "Transformers" film!

Fellow author Tom Joyce writes, “The guy’s obviously a hardcore film geek, who’s seen a ton of movies and has a good sense of what makes a quality film. But there’s an element of populism to his approach that I see lacking in a lot of film reviewers. He understands that sometimes you’re just not in the mood for a trans- cendent redefinition of the cinematic art form. Sometimes you just want a fun night at the movies.In other words, he doesn’t review like a serious student of cinema, so much as a regular person who just happens to really like movies. And, since that description fits me and — I’d venture to say — the vast majority of movie viewers that makes his reviews enormously engaging.”
Just published
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Marco Salazar is one cool dude!

Two is for You follows an extremely handsome and young software developer’s rise to prominence after inventing the world’s first automated answering service. There’s just one problem: Marco Salazar forgot to include numero dos for Español. 

As the vicious, unrelenting and unprecedented Winter Storm Wanda envelops New York and circles around Marco, details from his past strike at the heart of perception and identity in these heartless and competitive times. This darkly comedic satire examines the consequences of conformity and one’s ability to change.

Will Marco make it out alive? Or will Wanda, or the protesting group of Hispanic receptionists known simply as “The 2s”,  have their vengeance?  

Open Books author Miha Mazzini
Author of 28 books published in 9 languages
Winner of the Pushcart & Golden Palm for best film of 2012 and Best Director at Highgate Film Festival, London
discusses the writing of his novel, Paloma Negra
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Open Books Welcomes
Author Kathleen Curtin
Simply entitled "Donald", this heartfelt biopic video chronicles author Donald O'Donovan's colorful history as well as the characters that populate his fiction. O'Donovan talks about his travels and his lifelong writing career, his love of great literature, his devotion to Southern California and, last but not least, his current indulgence, chicken farming.
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Darker aspects of personality hide behind the superficial light of façade

Twin Oaks is a small, self-contained community where it seems that skies are always blue, the grass is always green and manicured to perfection, flowers bloom prolifically, the houses exude charm and grace and the people are decent and always cordial. Yet appearances can be deceiving, for beneath exteriors lay the darker elements of personality: madness, envy, infidelity and spiritual vacuity.

Melissa Palmer’s deft prose casts a shadow over suburban society and exposes the darker aspects of personality that hide behind the superficial light of façade.
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Born in Ireland in 1964, Kathleen Curtin grew up on a small farm in County Limerick. Later she attended University College Cork, where she graduated with a PHD in Geography. At the age of twenty-three, having been awarded a scholarship by the National University of Ireland, she went to Paris to continue her studies at the Sorbonne. She has been living in Paris ever since, although she does get back very regularly to Ireland.

Kathleen says: "Nothing compares to growing up on a little farm deep in the Irish countryside—except maybe getting to fulfill one’s dream of living and working in Paris. Nobody could ask for a more satisfying job than helping people to communicate in the English language; and in that rich exchange learn about life and lives. Throughout, I have been fortunate enough to be able to spend every spare moment putting pen to paper and fingertip to keyboard, making up stories. Writing is my greatest passion, and sharing that with others is the most precious gift that one could give or receive."


Ireland’s Own: Ireland’s leading weekly family magazine since 1902.

Splinters, an anthology based on the Bill Naughton writing competition. 

Kathleen's debut novel, Madame Lune, will be published this spring by Open Books.
Open Books author Sandra Cuza talks with Joe Barlow about her novel Passion Fruit based on her 21-year experience as an ex-pat living in Brazil and about the differences in culture between Brazil and the USA.
Open Books author David Rat reads from his memoir, Happy Ending.
Melissa Palmer’s deft prose casts a shadow over suburban society and exposes the darker aspects of personality that hide behind the superficial light of façade.
Titles for Spring 2015
Watch this space for more upcoming titles this spring.
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Game of Chance by Sandra Cuza

Nothing foreshadows the shambles into which the lives of four women of very diverse ages and backgrounds are thrown when their husbands’ chartered plane vanishes in the Amazon jungle. Stunned by the disappearance, along with the news that the pilot neglected to file a flight plan, the wives band together, attempting to track the men on their catastrophic trip and discover whether they are dead or alive.

Looking for company records that will tell them more about their husbands´ partnership, a venture that has won a bid to design a satellite tracking system over the Amazon Basin for the Brazilian government, the three women are baffled by the discovery of a cache of alexandrites in a previously unknown safe deposit box. The appearance of these rare gemstones, as valuable as diamonds, is the first hint of the clandestine lives their husbands were leading.
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A whimsical fantasy that reveals the gateway to our recurring challenges and our transcendent triumphs…

Nine years after moving from Belfast to London, Grace Byrne wonders whether or not she made the right decision. She finds little satisfaction in working for the Anchor news team, and the eternal bitterness of her boss doesn't make it any easier. The only positive thing about being stuck in the office every day is Andy, with whom she has been smitten since first joining the Anchor team. After a less than comfortable conversation with her boss’s assistant, Grace returns to her flat in Hampstead contemplating whether she herself might be the real cause of her dissatisfaction.

Her modest flat is her sanctuary, her refuge, a place that is both familiar and safe; yet when Grace returns home exhausted and frustrated on a particularly blustery evening, she discovers a door in her home that she's certain she has never seen before. Rife with curiosity, she opens the door, takes one tentative step, and falls into an abyss, leaving behind her home in Hampstead and landing inside a pirate ship on Clare Island, Mayo.

As Grace begins to unravel what has happened to her, she learns that she must now walk in the boots of Gráinne O'Malley, the notorious sixteenth-century female Irish pirate. At first, the reasons for this trans-migration and identity exchange are not clear, but Grace accepts her mission to follow in Gráinne's footsteps.

Cast into the drama of a revolt against Queen Elizabeth I, Grace finds her courage, her inherent sense of purpose, her distant heritage, her present-day raison d’etre, and of course love. Celestial Land and Sea transports readers to the generational source of our shared heritage, and of our recurring challenges and our transcendent triumphs. 

Just Published
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Game of Chance by Sandra Cuza
To foil a killer Madame Lune must walk in his shoes, enter his evil mind, and eventually learn to kill...

Who is the mysterious Madame Lune and why has watching Rue Lepic become a terrifying obsession for her? To the ordinary observer, Rue Lepic is a colourful street that meanders and climbs the northern part of Paris, from the Moulin Rouge in Pigalle’s red light district to Montmartre, where stands the lofty basilica of Sacre Coeur. It is full of character and characters, with its open-air markets and traders, street cleaners and concierges. It plays host to waves of tourists teaming past cafés, restaurants and souvenir shops.

There is, however, something else lurking beneath the layers of everyday life that lures the scrutiny of Madame Lune and fills her with fear. In their midst is another watcher—a monster who prowls the district. He is a killer—a serial killer, and he has identified his next victim.

 March/April 2015

Open Books Welcomes
Author Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams hails from the mean streets of Upstate New York. He started hailing exactly thirty-one years ago today. Bobby spent his formative years working as a balloon animal artist while attending Northeastern University. His infamous undergraduate thesis entitled “He-2” details the many hardships that Bobby faced in developing the helium techniques necessary for his most famous work, "The Balloon Elephant", which, with its dangling, spitting water-balloon trunk transcended the global outlook on what’s possible in the physical world.  

Young Williams used this notoriety to land a distinguished unpaid internship. After witnessing several other distinguished unpaid interns whither away and die of starvation, Williams moved to New York City and resumed ballooning to support his writing career—you’d probably recognize his work from The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and from The Montreal ReviewThe Ben Jonson Journal, Moronic OxThe Bicycle ReviewTammy and elsewhere. 

Bobby Williams is also the co-inventor of Guns, Vest, Mace: a far more powerful alternative to Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Two is for You
Bobby Williams

April/May 2015

Open Books Welcomes
Author Amy McLean
Although she spent her childhood scribbling out short stories, it wasn't until she began studying English Literature at the University of Sunderland that she realised her dependence on writing. In 2014 she graduated with a first-class degree and a published dissertation about Lord Byron.

Spending her childhood between Aberdeen and the North East of England, Amy developed a taste for travel at a young age. Curiosity one day led her to Hampstead, and from that time on she never looked back. The area now plays a large role in her life as she strives to capture the magic of NW3 and its rich history and culture. 

When she's not writing or visiting Hampstead, Amy can be found indulging in the cinematic careers of Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton, uploading videos on YouTube, and dangling toy mice for Medora the cat.
"Parenthetical Address" by Lord Byron
 read by Open Books author Amy McLean. 
MADAME LUNE by Kathleen Curtin
March 22, 2015
3:30 pm
National Hellenic Museum
333 S. Halstead St.
Chicago, IL 60661
Admission: $10.00 / Members: Free
Amy McLean introduces her just published novel, Celestial Land and Sea
Join Open Books author
Amy McLean
for a Google+ Hangout
Saturday, March 7
at 6:00pm in UTC
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Amy McLean
Kathleen Curtin
Bobby Williams