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Writer, editor and publisher David A. Ross
David A. Ross is a writer, editor and publisher. From 1984-1985 he was a columnist and contributing editor for Southwest Art Magazine. His novels include The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans, Sacrifice and the Sweet LifeA Winter GardenStones, XenosHow High The WallGood Morning Corfu, and his award-winning first novel The Trouble with Paradise (republished by Open Books under the title Calico Pennants).

In addition to his career as a novelist, he was the publisher of the small tree publisher press Escape Media from 1992-2004. Currently he is the publisher of online literary and features journals including Moronic Ox Literary & Cultural Journal. 

Born in Chicago, Illinois, he presently lives on the Island of Corfu, Greece.

David A. Ross
Books by David A. Ross
Calico Pennants: A Novel
by David A. Ross
In this award-winning novel, a weekend sailor shipwrecked in the South Seas eventually discovers the island's only other human inhabitant - a woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to 1930s lost flying ace Amelia Earhart. 
Calico Pennants: A Novel by David A. Ross
Good Morning Corfu
by David A. Ross
Funny, thoughtful, and esoteric in nature, the forty-four short essays deal with expatriate living in detail - from myth to reality, from novelty to stagnation, from glorious experiences to down-right gory experiences, and back again.
Good Morning Corfu: Living Abroad Against All Odds by David A. Ross
A Winter Garden
by David A. Ross
A Winter Garden follows one man's journey from designing weapons guidance systems for the Department of Defense to growing and maintaining a winter garden on a Greek Island.
A Winter Garden by David A. Ross
by David A. Ross
Stones is a novel of art, love, intrigue and magic in the South of France. It also asks the question, what happens when one fails both in love and art? 
Stones: A Novel of Art, Love, Intrigue and Magic in the South of France.
How High The Wall
by David A. Ross
A community is literally divided when an outraged homeowner catches a teenager spray-painting the wall of his house and champions the building of a wall to section off a wealthy subdivision from its only slightly less affluent neighbors.
How High The Wall by David A. Ross
Sacrifice and the Sweet Life
by David A. Ross
A profound and disturbing collection of eight short stories, four poems and one vignette by award-winning author David A. Ross.
Sacrifice and the Sweet Life by David A. Ross

by David A. Ross
Abandoning a life filled with loss Doran Seeger is on his way to a political awakening in Amsterdam, an unexpected affair in the Swiss Alps, and the discovery of a handbill that leads  him to a land where people still embraces real civility: Greece.
The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans
by David A. Ross
The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans imagines the bridging of two worlds—the literal and the metaphorical—and questions what we have created, what has been lost, and what might be possible for us as individuals and for the Human Race. 
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