Wings of a Flying Tiger 
by Iris Yang

Wings of a Flying Tiger by Iris Yang
International Press

“Chinese-American writer Iris Yang's heartwrenching story is now a hot sale in the United States.” —Xinhua

"Chinese-American writer Iris Yang's debut novel Wings of a Flying Tiger, a heart-wrenching story about local Chinese who risk their lives to save a downed US pilot during World War II in China, is now on sale in the United States."China Daily

"Chinese-American writer inspired by true story of ‘Flying Tiger’ saved in China"China Daily

“More than 70 years after WWII, a Chinese-American writer has introduced the Nanking Massacre, the Bombing of Chungking, and particularly the battles fought together by the Chinese and their American friends (the Flying Tigers) in the form of an English novel. Undoubtedly it's a good thing for the relationship between China and the United States, today and in the future.”—The China Press Weekly (translated, front page story)

"Chinese American Author Debuts with Novel on 'Flying Tigers'"AsAmNews

"Five-star rating for tale of Chinese villagers' heroic act"
The Straits Times

"Writer inspired by WWII ‘Flying Tiger’ story"Shanghai Daily

"Chinese-American writer inspired by true story of 'Flying Tiger' saved in China"—

"Fresh from the presses in June, Yang's English novel, Wings of a Flying Tiger, has been well received by readers and book reviewers."Global Times

“WORLD War II ... China ... One cousin’s courage, another’s determination to help a wounded American pilot.” Chinese-American writer Iris Yang’s heartwrenching story is now a hot sale in the United States."Shenzhen Daily

"Wuhan-born author releases debut novel"—WN

"The novel, published by Open Books, centers around heroism and romance in which Chinese villagers rescue the life of a dying American pilot. The novel as reported by Xinhua News has been well-received by Chinese readers and is also a best-seller in the United States."—Spices of the Words
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Interview With Iris Yang, Author Of Wings Of A Flying Tiger

"A Smashing Historical Account Of China’s Chilling Bloodbath During World War II"Paul Falk, author and reviewer, Book Glow