The Irrationalist
by Andrew Pessin

The Irrationalist: The Tragic Murder of René Descartes by Andrew Pessin
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“Sharply written, with twists, turns, and tangled cast of people harboring deadly secrets, The Irrationalist is a 'must-read' for connoisseurs of historical mysteries, highly recommended."Midwest Book Review

"The Irrationalist is a brilliant and complex novel, chiaroscuro in tenor, rich in humor and horror, fact and fiction, full of myriad mysteries finally all resolved, set in counter-reformation Europe at many sites, and unified by the intertwining lives of a junior Jesuit Adrien Baillet, coopted to investigate the circumstances of Rene Descartes’ death in Stockholm, and the multifaceted and, as it turns out, mysterious Philosopher himself. Although it is a novel, it is based closely on the real events of Descartes’ life and mysterious death."Richard Moorton, The Copperfield Review

"Like a geometry proof, Pessin laid out a series of characters, events, and themes that will engage and entertain readers as they attempt to solve the mysterious equation that was René Descartes."Mike Phelps, Simply Charly

"Pessin, who teaches philosophy at Connecticut College, has put together an intriguing new way to be drawn into the world of philosophy."—Andrew PostmanAmerican Philosophical Association blog

"Pessin crafts time and place in a fashion that transports readers to and lets them become immersed in the story. His attention to detail in that regard and in drawing the characters — not just Baillet and Descartes — exhibits command of elements that create exceptional historical fiction. A reader leaves not only satisfied but understanding more about Descartes and his time.—Tim Gebhart, National Book Critics Circle member,
A Progressive on the Prairie