Whine & Cheese Cozy Mystery Series: Swiss Cheese and Sibling Rivalry (Book 4) 
by Judy Volhart

Swiss Cheese and Sibling Rivalry (Book 4) by Judy Volhart
Whine & Cheese Cozy Mystery Series: 
Swiss Cheese and Sibling Rivalry (Book 4)
Judy Volhart
SRP (Paperback) $15.95/SRP (eBook) $6.99

​Can Amalia cut through the cheese and find the killer before she goes Emmental?

When her wine and cheese tasting class gets creamed due to a brutal murder, she soon finds that investigating a case proves to be more challenging when it involves family.

Nathan’s never-before-mentioned sister returns to the town of Robin, only to get jacked before he has a chance to see her. The ex-lawyer had swindled many, including her family, before fleeing across the country and disappearing from their lives, leaving behind a mystery that fermented in their hearts for years.

As if that’s not bad enough, it seems Stephan has gotten himself into some financial trouble. Is he responsible for the latest break-in at the bistro? What type of Muenster would do that to his own sister? 

In this story of cheese, greed, lust, wine, deception, love and soul searching, Amalia is left questioning not only those around her, but her future and her very own sexuality. 

In her last mystery, and with more stress on her shoulders than she Camembert, Amalia must stay sharp as she muddles through this case that has more holes than Swiss cheese. 

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