Swift Dam
by Sid Gustafson

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"Sid writes with a dedicated sense of place and change. Swift Dam is native lore from the poetic heart of Montana, a water manifesto."—Jim Harrison, author of Legends of the FallDalva, and Dead Man's Float

"Sid Gustafson writes like the language is a race horse and he is the rider, ready to go as far and fast as they both can go.”—Diedre McNamera, novelist

"Few novelists have a sense of place, for Americans are a rootless people - Sid's is acute, and he tells a great story of his land and the people on it and in it ...”—Peter Bowen, novelist

"Sid Gustafson's understanding of Montana - real cowboys and Indians, and the love-hate dependency that ties them, the land, and its animals together - is bone deep, blood true, and beautifully described."—Neil McMahon, bestselling novelist

Sid Gustafson
SWIFT DAM by Sid Gustafson