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"Linda Sands' writing style is addictive. 
I wanted to keep reading 
and never put the book down. 
I hated to see this story come to an end."
Socrates' Book Reviews
"Simple Intent compares to John Grisham's early hit The Pelican Brief, and with its mix of city hall corruption, law office intrigue, grit in the hood, and with Philly substituted for Baltimore, would also stack up with a good season of "The Wire". In other words, there's a lot to like here, so if you want a well-written genre novel to ease you through a long flight and possible airport delays, read this one."—Bill Pieper, author of What You Wish For
Simple Intent by Linda Sands
"An engaging legal thriller... 
I’d recommend Simple Intent by Linda Sands 
as an impressive debut in the genre."
Book'd Out Reviews