Paris and the World
by Jayne R. Boisvert

Paris and the World by Jayne R. Boisvert
Paris and the World:
The Cheapo Snob Visits the City and Its International Community
Jayne R. Boisvert
ISBN-13: 978-1948598606 
SRP (Paperback) $18.95 / SRP (eBook) $8.99

The third volume of the Cheapo Snob series, Paris and the World introduces visitors to the many and varied global aspects of the French capital. Worldwide dining experiences—from North and South America to Europe, Africa, and Asia—are available throughout most of the city’s twenty arrondissements. In addition, several “best-kept secrets” in the form of amazing museums and houses of worship have international origins.

This guidebook also provides short biographies and addresses associated with a great number of foreign nationals who spent time in Paris. And what an extraordinary group they are! Some examples include composers Chopin and Liszt, artists van Gogh and Picasso, authors Oscar Wilde and James Joyce, and Nobel Prize laureate Marie Curie. In other categories readers will discover actors, dancers, and fashion designers to mention but a few. 

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