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Night Train
by Donald O'Donovan
Published by Open Books, 2010
© Donald O'Donovan
All Rights Reserved

About Donald O'Donovan
Donald O’Donovan is an optioned screenwriter and voice actor with film and audio book credits. He was born in Cooperstown, New York. A teenage runaway, O’Donovan rode freights, traveled the US, joined the army to get off the street, lived in Mexico, and worked at more than 200 occupations including long distance truck driver, undertaker and roller skate repairman. Donald O’Donovan recently narrated the documentary film, The Forgotten, produced and directed by Sarem Yadegari. His screenplay, Cutter’s Woods, was a semi-finalist in the 2009 FilmStream Screenplay Competition.

Night Train by Donald O'Donovan
Written on twenty-three legal pads while homeless on the streets of LA, Night Train
paints a graphic picture of the
lives of street people in America.
Get on board as author
Donald O'Donovan takes us on an introspective journey into our personal and cultural conscience.