Laughter and Early Sorrow
by Brett Busang

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Brett Busang describes himself as a prolific essayist, a moderately interesting playwright, a lapsed painter, an ambivalent anglophile and a failed ballplayer. 

He likes people who listen, places from which soccer is notably absent, books without chase-scenes, peace of mind that doesn't come at the expense of thinking, and food he can eat with his fingers.

Having now turned his attention to writing fiction, Brett says, "I like writing fiction because I never know what's going to happen; and because it is always autobiographical and never autobiographical enough. I like to write in various genres because I am easily bored, relentlessly curious, and also because my tendency to 'dart around' is an asset in no other place."

Brett Busang was born in Memphis, Tennessee and now lives in Washington, DC.

Brett Busang
Brett Busang
Laughter and Early Sorrow by Brett Busang
Laughter and Early Sorrow
And Other Stories
Nine stories about growing up in the post-agrarian period in a place whose growing pains were painfully obvious. 
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