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How High The Wall: A Novel by David A. Ross
How High The Wall
by David A. Ross
Published by Open Books 2010
© David A. Ross
All Rights Reserved

About the Author:
David A. Ross was born
January 6, 1953 in Chicago,
Illinois. In addition to his
career as a novelist,
he is a former columnist
and contributing editor
for Southwest Art Magazine.
Presently he lives on the Island
of Corfu, Greece.
Hermes Hawthorne is fifteen and lives in Grassy Knoll. Caught spray-painting graffiti on the wall of a house in Green Meadows, a neighboring and only slightly more affluent subdivision, he is remanded to the treatment of a psychiatrist who diagnoses him with ADHD and prescribes Ritalin therapy. Such a punishment, however, does not console Frank Brickman, the angry homeowner whose house Hermes has defaced. Frank conspires to build a wall to separate the two subdivisions, but how high must a wall rise to ensure the separation of barely distinguishable classes in a modern-day American suburb?
Author David A. Ross
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