by Donald O'Donovan

Highway is author Donald O’Donovan’s third novel in which we find his quintessential hero, Jerzy Mulvaney, portrayed in early life as an over-the-road truck driver—a bedbug hauler, as the industry labels those who move furniture rather than commercial goods. But Mulvaney is anything but a typical road warrior; he is an aspiring author consorting with the underbelly of American society, a bohemian artist in search of stimulating experiences and colorful characters.

Typical of O’Donovan’s novels, not only the characters are colorful, but the situations in which they find themselves are equally vibrant. And then there is Jerzy Mulvaney himself, rough on the outside but thoughtful and sensitive on the inside. As he navigates his course from coast to coast over eighteen wheels, he is introspective and provocative. The miles grind away underneath the rubber, but the real story is inside Jerzy’s mind as he searches for balance and expression.

Highway is the road trip you always imagined but never took; mile after mile is marked with candid observations, outlandish circumstances and insights that define
the American experience.
Highway by Donald O'Donovan (eBook)
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