Get Out of My Dream!
by William A. Glasser

Get Out of My Dream! by William A. Glasser
Whoever said it's important to follow your dreams was right.

Jobless, without a penny left in his pocket, stuck in a little room rented above a garage, and faced with another rejection letter, Les has all but given up hope of working as an editor in a publishing company. But then one night he has a dream.

Who are the Gleamers and the Glooms, why are they at war with each other, and what do they want with Les? When a Gleamer befriends him, Les embarks on an epic journey to help his new companions. Along the way he is inspired to contemplate his own dilemma—will he continue to pursue his dream, or give up and be consumed by his own darkness?

Fans of magical realism will enjoy this adventurous, humorous, and deceptively cerebral novella about the importance of following one's dreams. 

Includes an excerpt from the popular novel The Autobiography of Satan by the same author, William A. Glasser.

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Get Out of My Dream!
by William A. Glasser
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