Gregory Heath is a British poet, short story writer and novelist. Born in a Derbyshire hamlet, Woodhouses, he is the author of the novels The Entire Animal (Waywiser Press) and Thoughts of Maria (Open Books).

Gregory Heath was born in Derbyshire in 1967. He is widely published in the small press; his poetry, short stories and essays having appeared in magazines such as Tears in the Fence, Iota, and Poetic Licence. Staple have published him on a number of occasions and featured him in their Alt-gen collection showcasing the best small press writers of the last decade.

Like much of Heath's work The Entire Animal takes the reader inside the mind of someone for whom communication with others is not easy and we experience the awkwardness and effects of this shortcoming. Laurence Phelan writes in The Independent that the novel is about "a man at last coming to terms with the loss of his mother at an impressionable age, and belatedly learning how to let other people into his life and form meaningful relationships with them."

The Boy and His Animals, a book of 26 short poems, was published in 2008. They dealt with psychological themes in a very unusual way. The collection is dedicated to the memory of Stevie Smith, an English poet who once wrote, 'I'll have your heart, if not by gift by knife...'
Gregory Heath
Gregory Heath
Thoughts of Maria by Gregory Heath
Thoughts of Maria
When Gerry Thorley decides to marry a mail-order bride, trouble is lurking just around the corner as Gerry’s son Callum feeds the fires of an escalating sexual obsession with his father’s new bride, and his ex-wife Rachel resolves to see the marriage fail.
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