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Rhiannon was born and educated in Yorkshire. As a young person she spent a lot of time Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang author picturein Europe, and speaks French, German and Spanish, as well as Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese. She read Chinese at Oxford and made her first trip to China, via Karachi and Islamabad, at the age of nineteen. She found a silent, black and white country largely abandoned since 1949, and a traumatised people emerging from the Maoist years, bravely hoping for better things.

She has worked in business in the UK and Taiwan and is a non practising lawyer. She runs Chinese language and cultural training courses for businesses with China links.

Rhiannon has worked as a freelance writer in Taiwan and was a runner up in the Woman and Home magazine short story competition. She is the winner of the 2014 Melbourne Festival Poetry Prize.

Her work is characterised by a keen interest in the world, international themes and perspectives, and focuses on cultural and historical fault lines. Rhiannon is particularly interested in the Greater China region and twentieth century India.

Rhiannon lives a traditional Nottinghamshire village with her husband, Steve Tsang, and their 10 year old son. When not writing, doing school runs, or otherwise mothering, she enjoys walking, yoga, travel, good conversation and watching cricket. She is currently at work on her next novel.
Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang
Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang
The Woman Who Lost China by Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang
The Woman Who Lost China
A passionate story of the little people at the mercy of forces greater than themselves; the betrayal of ideals, the slow, agonising loss of the old China, and the search for a China that has yet to be found. 
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