The Faith
John Leahy
ISBN-13: 978-0692242254
ISBN-10: 0692242252

Ella Taylor is a young, high-powered hedge fund trader just out of treatment for cocaine addiction. On her first night out after rehab she meets Alicia Graham, a talented keyboard player in a band. Both women feel an instant and undeniable attraction for one another. It is not long after their first meeting that Ella moves in with Alicia in West Hollywood.

Ella learns that Alicia was once on the cusp of making it big in the music business. Convincing Alicia to resurrect the now defunct band, and offering to finance the entire effort, the band records an album called Phoenix, and embarks upon a tour of California.

On tour with Alicia and the band, Ella becomes hooked on cocaine again and suffers a cardiac arrest. She is warned by her doctor to stay away from the drug as her next hit could kill her. But temptation (and cocaine) is everywhere. Meanwhile, Alicia is rising to stardom as a result of Ella’s encouragement and financial backing. Ella’s faith in Alicia is unconditional, but is her faith in herself great enough to overcome her addiction and choose life over death? It all comes down to The Faith… 
THE FAITH by John Leahy

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