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Roy Sexton is a small town boy who never quite fit in but learned how to survive playground games with a sense of humor, a bit of style, and a love of movies. He has been blogging at www.reelroyreviews.com for a couple of years now to an audience of … tens of people. He writes, “I tend to go see whatever film has been most obnoxiously hyped, marketed, and oversold in any given week…art films? Bah! Won’t find too many of those discussed here. And every once in a while, I may review a TV show, theatrical production, record album, concert, or book (yeah, probably not too many of those either).” Sexton aims to make his friends and family suffer through at least one community theatre production with him in it annually; he is a marketer and strategic planner by trade; but he mostly just wants to enjoy life and pop culture, to help our animal friends, and to live and let live. Sexton, a graduate of Wabash College who also holds an MA in theatre from Ohio State and an MBA from the University of Michigan, resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with a cinematically adventurous auto engineer and two amiably neurotic rescue dogs. He is also the son of Susie Duncan Sexton, whose two essay collections Secrets of an Old Typewriter and More Secrets of an Old Typewriter, are published by Open Books.
Roy Sexton
Roy Sexton
REEL ROY REVIEWS, Vol. 1: Keepin' It Real by Roy Sexton
Reel Roy Reviews, Vol 1: Keepin' It Real
Reel Roy Reviews, Vol. 1: Keepin' It Real is a compilation of essays composed in tribute to (and sometimes frustration with) the art-form known as "cinema" —with a few theatre, music, and concert analyses thrown in for good measure.
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