Reality Unedited
by Kevin R. Nelson

Reality Unedited by Kevin R. Nelson
A simple philosophy to reorient us to our surroundings.

Our species existed in the world in a relatively healthy and balanced way for 97% of its history. 
So how did we get so far off course?

It was only after our ancestors emerged from life in nature as hunter-gatherers that things began to change. By the beginning of civilization some 6,000 years ago, the changes rigidified and became destructive on a large scale. This has now reached the point where we can only avoid species-suicide if we are lucky, and even then we face a dismal future of increasing ecocide and utter alienation from our own psyches (the unity of body, brain, and mind). While complexity and confusion are rampant in our postmodern era making finding a solution to our woes seem impossible, the way forward is actually quite simple.

The way forward then—to get back on course—is a return to the naturalistic view and perspective where our thinking, feeling and actions are once again based on how nature and reality really function. To help us succeed, Reality Unedited calls for a massive reduction in illusions. Toward this end, the author establishes a “simple model of reality” to help counteract illusions and to become reoriented to our surrounding. Only by reclaiming a naturalistic perspective can we regain well-being within society and a healthy balance in the world.  
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Reality Unedited
by Kevin R. Nelson
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