One To A Million
Tim Cole​
​ISBN13: 9781311909787
SRP (Paperback) $17.95
SRP (eBook) $6.49
Genre: General Fiction

Charlie Spinner has just been dumped by his trophy girlfriend, so to soothe the pain of rejection he embarks upon a night out with his two best friends, Ed (aka Nadz) and Fat Dave. Lamenting the dullness of their lives—grab bag relationships (or lack thereof), go-nowhere jobs, and of course ever-present money woes, Fat Dave wonders whimsically if it might be possible to turn a single one-pound coin into a million pounds. Playing along with his friend’s fantasy, Charlie deposits the change from a round of beers—one pound—into a slot machine and wins the one thousand-pound jackpot. But can Charlie rise to Fat Dave’s challenge to turn a one pound coin into one million pounds? Or is there an even greater prize waiting for him on the Las Vegas Strip? You make the odds…
One To A Million by Tim Cole

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