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"Mameluke Bath is an extraordinary book. It manages to nail profound truths about human relationships within an abusive society by creating its own distinct and fully-realised universe which is, on the one hand, impossibly fantastical and, on the other, so frighteningly real that you know it has already existed a multitude of times. 
The writing is beautiful and the characterisation tender, funny and satisfyingly voyeuristic."
Hannah Eaton, author of Naming Monsters
Mameluke Bath by Andrew Asibong
"... wonderful. I loved it. Such a moving and yet incredibly funny book. It is by far the sharpest and most complex work I have read on the subject of, whatever you prefer or prefer not to call it -- and Asibong interrogates every epithet -- what it is to be "mixed-race". It had the Michel Tournier ability to immerse me in fable (territory I normally avoid). I still do not quite understand how the author manages so skilfully to conjure up the Peak District in a way that I can recall it, see, hear and almost smell it. But he does, and simultaneously admits the reader to, and absorbs the reader in, the realms of the fantastic and the fabulous."
Paul Hallam, author and filmmaker
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"This book is something of a tour de force. I'm still absorbing it. It seems a brave book. Fearless. Everything touching on 'race' was especially interesting and fresh and gave me plenty to think about. I found it a bleak picture of the world, but suspect it is the world we all inhabit, and that much that Asibong writes about would be as true in other parts of the world as in Britain. It's a real vision."
—Ron Peck, director of Nighthawks and Fighters