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Brought up in Lord Byron’s childhood home town of Southwell, UK, Christy Fearn was fascinated from an early age with the local poet. She studied English Literature and Drama at Clarendon College and then York St. John University. Her dissertation focused on William Godwin, Mary Wollstonecraft, Byron and the Shelleys.

After graduating, she performed in the play “The Weathercock” which toured Greece as part of the Britain & Greece festival. The play was a revival of the production in which Byron himself starred in 1809.

More recently she has given talks about Byron, Shelley and Coleridge as part of Lowdham Book Festival as well as at the International Byron Society Festival. Framed is her debut novel which tells the story of the Nottingham Framebreakers. Byron is a character in the novel, stepping in to aid the local Luddites and making his maiden speech in the House of Lords.

A self-confessed Byron nut, Christy has a tattoo portrait of her hero on her arm, including the line from his poem “Maid of Athens” – Zwή µou σaς aγaπώ which in Greek means “My life I love you.”

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Christy Fearn
Christy Fearn
Framed by Christy Fearn
Lizette Molyneux and her brother Robert are used to an existence on the edge of their Regency Nottingham community. But when Robert is arrested for a crime he insists he did not commit, Lizzie must draw on all her strength and courage to help him. Overcoming poverty and prejudice she unites with the frame-breaking Luddites to free her brother and to rectify social injustice.
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