As a Thief in the Night
by Chuck Crabbe​
​ISBN-13: 978-0615955858
ISBN-10: 0615955851

Ezra Mignon’s mother died just a few years after his father abandoned him. Raised by his three aunts in Ontario, Canada, he seeks refuge in fantasy, solitude, and strange rituals. 

Ezra struggles to find his place among his peers, but as he matures he is drawn further into his conflicted, disturbing, and often beautiful vision of the world. When his family moves to a small town, Ezra’s conflict with the moral system and religion he is surrounded by intensifies. A charismatic new friend soon leads him into a world of crime and dangerous taboos. The Christian God, as well as his father, haunts Ezra as he wrestles with the temptations of this dark new path. Is the dreamy image of his mother somehow leading him toward liberation, or is this spectre the symptom of an impending psychiatric breakdown? 

Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall. Only an act of shameful impiety offers Ezra Mignon escape and eventual salvation.
As a Thief in the Night by Chuck Crabbe

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