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Sometimes the only way to find yourself is to leave behind everything you’ve ever known…

When Doran Seeger suddenly faces loss of family, friends, job, and confidence he decides to take a little break from the life he has known working in the Defense Industry designing guidance systems for ‘Smart’ bombs with an extended trip to Europe. Traveling light with just two changes of clothing and a pocketful of traveler’s checks, he is free to wander wherever his instincts lead him. From an encounter with anarchists in Amsterdam to a love affair in the Swiss Alps to the land the gods chose as their home, the itinerant is gradually drawn out of reticence by an unlikely love affair and by a culture that still embraces real civility: Greece.

But the story does not end here... It picks up 10 years onward in A Winter Garden. 
The Island of Corfu in Greece is known as the Emerald Isle. William Shakespeare's metaphorical play, "The Tempest", was derived from the island's thunderous autumnal storms. Henry Miller, as well as Gerald and Lawrence Durrell, once called Corfu home. It is an island of intense beauty with fertile green land, golden beaches, turquoise waters, a beautiful Venetian-built city, and one of the most gregarious - and sometimes one of the most treacherous - cultures in Europe. More than a million people from all over the world visit Corfu each year, and over 30,000 expatriates live year round on the island.

Good Morning Corfu: Living Abroad Against All Odds chronicles the experiences and observations of an American expatriate living on this Mediterranean outpost of dizzying extremes. From wide-eyed wonder to cultural and personal confusion, from unbridled joy to deep despair, and from empathy to outright loathing, these short essays examine both local and expatriate lifestyles through the lens of one deeply immersed yet forever removed, fundamentally involved yet perpetually on the perimeter of a most curious culture. Even more than a journal of events and experiences, the essays consider many of life's more profound issues and concerns with insight, optimism and humor.
Sequel to Xenos

Motivated to expatriate by guilt after helping to design guidance systems for the U.S. Military, Doran Seeger has lived the past decade in Europe. Wandering from country to country, he has encountered new societies and new ideas, though he still struggles to appease his conscience. Living in Prague and working as an underground art dealer, a chance encounter with the sister of his former lover persuades him to return to Greece, where a society that embraces real civility tenderly draws the habitual itinerant out of reticence and cynicism. With his longtime Greek friend Modestos Thromos by this side, Doran plants a winter garden; and as he patiently tills the Grecian soil, he reclaims his integrity, his sense of joy, and his humanity.

Author David A. Ross
takes you on his Greek Odyssey

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