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The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans by David A. Ross
Alone in the Company of Others by Kelly Huddleston
Necropsy in E Minor by Alan Ramon Clinton
Curtain Call by Alan Ramon Clinton
Tarantula Woman by Donald O'Donovan
A Week with Fiona Wonder by Kelly Huddleston
Night Train by Donald O'Donovan
THOUGHTS OF MARIA by Gregory Heath
ORGASMO by Donald O'Donovan
Can Charlie turn a one-pound coin into 
1 Million?
Witch Ball asks us to be careful who we villafy...and who we deify.
Only an act of shameful impiety offers Ezra Mignon salvation.
O'Donovan's journey from pulp fiction writer to literary beacon.
A lonely man...
A mail order bride...
A perfect match?
Inclusion, empathy and mercy make a better world for every0ne...
  A journey into our personal and cultural conscience.
 Life, love, death and the challenge of simply being.
 What have we created, what has been lost, and what might be possible for the Human Race?
A professor on the lam drives around the rim of Florida and endures a shamanic experience.
Very funny insights on modern-day culture in a series of slapstick misadventures.
"A cast of quirky characters that rivels 'The Royal Tennenbaums'"
  Audacious, ribald, honest, outrageous, frantic, sexy, irreverent, furious, funny!
 Shipwrecked sailor meets 1930s lost flying ace Amelia Earhart
Revolt of the Luddites
Lord Byron
History repeats...
Sometimes secrets are not so secret after all...
You never know who you might meet in Susie Sexton's books. Is that Shirley Jones?
The road trip you always imagines but never took...
  A memoir in her most personal voice, Teri Louise Kelly tells us what it is like to be born in the wrong body.
Can Ella overcome her addiction and choose life over death? It all comes down to The Faith… 
In the case of a drug dealer wrongly convicted of murder, the simple intent is to free an innocent man and bring the guilty to justice.
How high must a wall rise to protect the privileged classes?
A young Parisian sculptor is enchanted by a malevolent witch in the South of France.
Love, cinema, music, military bravado, intrigue and the promise of revolution play out in a tiny mountain village.
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Transgender poetry by
Teri Louise Kelly.
Prose & poetry about our fragile planet Earth.
Middle-grade stories from the 'Heart of Africa'.